Alexican - Shipwrecked

As Valour had tore out the cabin us girls had followed the boys. Somehow I soon lost both Arien and Odael, my mind set on one thing. Valour would want to be the one to save us all, so of course he'd be up at the front of the ship. Putting my head down, I ran against the wind, rushing to get there.

When I did get there it was to see an unconscious captain and a grinning Valour, laughing at the elements as he steered the ship.

"Did you do this?" I shouted, forgetting my shyness in the danger we were in, and pointing to the captain.

"Oh no" laughed Valour. "It was like this when I got here."

I wasn't sure whether or not to believe him. But I didn't push the issue, because suddenly a shout further down the ship had me rushing to the very front, only to see the giant rock Valour was steering us into. 

"Valour you're going to kill us all," I shouted, to be heard over the wind.

Valour laughed. "No I'm saving us," he said, grinning all the while. 

"No look, you're steering us into a rock. We're going to crash!" I shouted back, the wind whipping my hair around and rain lashing my face. Just then a flash of lightning illuminated the deck and the rock that would surely be our doom. 

"You're just trying to take the glory for yourself," Valour said, shaking his head and refusing to look where he pointed.

Muttering under my breath about fools and heroes, I suddenly jumped for the steering wheel, pushing Valour aside. He held onto his side though, fighting me all the way to stay on the course he was. Having no choice, I let go of the steering wheel for a second, and picked up a lose bit of timber, knocking Valour over the head in a sudden adrenaline filled rush of energy. He dropped, out cold and I knew he'd raise issue about it later. I also could tell that there was no way we weren't going to hit the rock but, steering to port as hard as I could I was hoping we might avoid hitting it head on and being torn to pieces. Moving the wheel was hard, and I had never done something like this before, but I wanted to save not just my life but others as well. And I certainly didn't know how to swim, so crossing my fingers I kept turning, knowing it wouldn't be enough to save us but hoping it would buy us a little time. 

The End

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