Rerin -- Yikes!

The rain plummeted angrily down on me as if trying to stop me in my task. But I wouldn't let it. Clinging to the slippery mast and keeping the sail's knots in view, I inched my way up to the lookout.

I finally  reached it but what I saw swept any thought of my task from my mind: a rock, and a big one at that. We were going to wreck! I needed to warn someone--anyone--so that they'd let the captain know.

I whipped around and leaned out of the lookout nest peering hard into the heavy sheet of water until I spotted someone. From this height I couldn't tell who but I waved and yelled frantically knowing identity didn't matter right now. I sighed with relief as they spotted me and began climbing the ropes.

I glanced back and forth desperately from the nearing stationary monster and my new best friend. If they didn't hurry...

Luckily they did and it was me who hesitated as I recognized who it was: Arien. My heart skipped a beat but I ignored it--this was absolutely not the time-- and reached down to help her up.

"The storm's too rampant!" I shouted, "If the captain can't get control we're going to hit it!"

Her face paled and those  silver eyes of hers darted frantically across the horizon. Suddenly they widened and she jabbed a finger towards the sea, "Odael! Jevin!"  

I followed her gaze but could only see a black speck. How was she so sure? But then, she was half-elf.

My heart sank as I realized it wouldn't be long before we joined them. But a small yelp of fear jerked me from my thoughts and I realized Arien was trying to climb back down. I reached out and grasped her arm before she fell, telling her there was no use. There was nothing we could do. Either way we were going to be shipwrecked.

My eyes narrowed and I tried to find the captain. Wasn't he trying to do anything about it all? But it wasn't the captain I saw, it was Valour.

We were definetly shipwrecked.

Wrapping one arm around the mast and the other around Arien, I screwed my eyes shut, threw a protective spell over us, and hoped for the best.

The End

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