Arien-The Look Out

Valour, Rerin, and Jevin darted off, us three women and Lace decided that we ourselves would go hunt for Valour. Stupid, stupid, stupid Valour! I could wring your neck right about now!

"Lace, you should stay down here," I warned him as we made our way out. "Your not recovered, you could get..."

"No, I'm fine," he shook his head confidently. I grabbed his arm, helping him out.

Rain battered at us as we entered the blur of the storm. We were drenched by the heaviness, scattering across the deck. Alexican, Lace, and I began towards the cabin room, our dampened hair veiling our faces. I whipped around. Where had Odael gone off to? I swore under my breath, gazing through the grey murk, rain dripping into my eyes.

A sailor rushed by me, knocking me off my feet as he brushed by. I groaned, my head slapping hard against the wooden dock. He paused, helping me to my feet as my vision swam. "Sorry," the stranger said through the roar of the storm.

I briefly nodded, pushing myself across the deck even though a fit of dizziness filled my head and the violent rocking of the boat beneath me threatened to knock me over once more. I looked to the sky, squinting through the pounding water. Instantly, I noticed Rerin's figure up by the lockout, frantically waving his arms and shouting, though his words were lost in the wind.

Hurrying to the rope as fast as I could, I grasped onto it, pulling myself up. The ship swayed terribly, dipping me this way and that. I swallowed, trying to stop myself from throwing up as I climbed higher and higher.

Rerin grabbed my hand, helping me up into the small nest. Straightening, the wind howled at me, whipping at my soaking hair. He didn't have to speak-I saw it, the rise of great jagged rocks ahead.

"There's no going around it!" he shouted. "The storms too...." some of his words were blotted out. "....we're going to hit it."

My heart leapt into my throat. Shipwrecked. We were going to be shipwrecked. Frantically, I scanned the hopes of...anything. A dark speckle rising and falling on the waves caught my attention.

"Odael!" I shrieked, pointing out at them. "Jevin!"

I turned to climb down the ladder once more, but I gasped as I looked down from the terribly high height, the world swaying and wobbling beneath my feet. I wasn't naturally afraid of heights, but the look from above was terrifying.

Rerin gripped my arm before I stumbled down, "There's nothing we can do! We are all going to end up out there....we're all going to be shipwrecked!"

The End

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