Jevin -- Taking a Swim

Though I was beginning to feel a wave of sea-sickness, I was glad we had left, especially after Rerin's being injured. I wasn't positive who had done it to him, but I had my suspicions. More than half of our group was wounded in some way or another and I feared staying any longer would make matters worse.

I rolled my eyes as Valour leaped out onto the deck--here we go again. Rerin and I tore after him, knowing he was up to nothing but trouble.

We no sooner set foot on the deck than we were soaked to the bone. It was a downpour like few I'd ever seen--and Valour had the nerve to make it worse.

I spotted his blurry figure amidst the cover of the rapid rain and motioned to Rerin to follow when a sailor cried out, "Hey! You lad!"

"Me?" he yelled back.

"Yes you! Who else am I talkin' to? The look-out nest?" I ducked as the rope he threw flew over my head and into Rerin's hands with the command of tying the sails down. He stood there for a few undecisive moments before,

"Help the poor guy out!"

I smirked, leave it to Valour to drop all responsibility on others' shoulders. He was off on a sprint once more and I followed, yelling at him to stop or the sailors would toss us overboard for his stupidity. But, as I expected, he was deaf to anything that went against him--or at least me.

There was a blinding flash before a peircing CRASH!! And I had to clutch to the side of the ship to stay on my feet from the violent shove the furious ocean gave us. My head jerked up as I heard a small cry and then a splash. All the sailors that could afford to leave their stations were immeadiatly there and it was obvious someone had fallen overboard.

"Ey! You two! Help!" He didn't have to tell me twice. "I don't think she can hold out much longer!"

She? It was one of ours! All thoughts of Valour were left in my tracks as I raced across the deck to the flock of sailors. I forced my way through them to see none other than Odael being helplessly tossed to and fro between the waves like a ragdoll. And all they were doing was leaning over the edge and gaping like a bunch of codfish on display!

Impatiently, I threw my cloak off, climbed up onto the railing, and dove into the churning waters.

"Help! Jev--" the water buried her again and I swam frantically to where she had disappeared. Reaching around deperatly underneath the dark water, I somehow managed to wrap my arms around her torso--but getting back to the surface was a different story. The hundreds of different currents yanked at my limbs--and hers--and it was all I could do to keep us from sinking any further since she seemed to have already gone unconcious and was dead weight.

My lungs burned in my chest and my heart pounded in my head before I finally found the adrenalin rush to get us out of the depths.

Air had never tasted so good.

"Odael! Wake up," I shouted above the storm.

No response.

Feeling the rush all over again, I swam back towards--where was the ship?

Valour!! I wanted to scream it, but breath was too precious. Getting a better grip on her highness, I swam a few more meters before I saw it--heading for a jutting boulder.

The End

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