Thunder growled from above, the pattering of hurried footsteps above our small cabin as the boat began to sway more violently. The latern flickered, the faint golden light faded throughout our dark hole of a place. Rain was heard, crashing down like an avalanche on the deck, the dark swollen clouds breaking open.

  A great wave tossed the ship like a toy, sending all of us tumbling from our seats, I  across our cabin on top of Rerin. I blushed bright red, yet before I could aplogize, the boat rocked the opposite way, sending both of us rolling across the floor. Dizzy and slightly bruised, we were now the other way around.

 "You alright?" Rerin called above the crash of the waves. It had become incredibly loud, thunder mixing with the sound of the rain, wind, and sea. Turning redder and redder by his uncomfortable closeness, I nodded rapidly, everyone scattered about the room as well.

  "Valour!" exclaimed Jevin. "You bonehead, get back here!"

  Valour's laughter was lost in the wind as he opened the hatch, peeking his head out. Finally Rerin pushed himself off of me, stumbling after Valour as he climbed out onto the deck.

The End

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