Lace- new things

"Pack your bags we are heading to the seas at once."

"That sounds good by why a sudden course change."Jevin asks.

"A few people reported Uakor boarding a ship."

" I see." Jevin says with a puzzled expressions.

"Um excuse me but what is a ship?" I ask confused.

" Does a boat ring any bells?" Valour asks.

"No." I say calmly.

" A ship is a sort of building that floats on water." Arien tries to help me.

" So a floating house?" I ask.

"Not exactly but close." Jevin says.

" Will not that's dealt with prepare yourselves I want to leave before the break of dawn." Odael says sternly. I rise  quickly throughout today I could slowly feel my strength coming back to me but now I'm feeling even stronger than before, my hands felt a strange force around them. I tossed my curiosity aside and quickly gathered my few possessions. After everyone had finished packing we made it to a place filled with wooden platforms called docks, and large oval or elliptical shaped things with large sheets hung from tall structures apparently those called sails and masts. I guessed those are called ships.  Odael talked to several  several men in uniforms which I  overhead where part of Naval forces.  It didn't take to long to get on board a ship which my curiosity had me look every and investigate everything

Later on when I decided I had learned as much as I wanted I rejoined the others where Jevin was doing his best to ignore Valours boastful stories, while the Alexican, Odael,and Arien obviously tried a way to find a way to have him shut up without damaging his ego.  I sat down quietly opposite of Jevin.

" So have you fulfilled your curiosity?"

"Yes definetly very interesting these ships."

" It's quite interesting for me to see a full grown man not know a thing about a ship something that I grew up all my life knowing about them. In its own aways its amusing."He says. A door opened above as younger lanky man walked in a hurry sweating and out of breath. 

"The captian wants you to know we are heading into a storm, so be prepared for the ship to be rocking and maybe even bailing if things get really bad." He said.

"Thank you, we will keep that in mind." Odael says while the others faces changes to suspicion and small traces of fear.

The End

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