Odael- Heading for the seas

Arien's self-healing was a little bewildering, but nevertheless useful. As Lace woke up, and said something about being hungry, it was decided we would go down as a group and get some food, all except for Rerin who still seemed as if he needed his healing sleep.

We took a spot around the table in the tavern, and everyone ordered whatever they wanted, at my expense.

Feeling restless, I skipped out on ordering anything and decided to go for a walk.

"Here's the money for when your meal is finished. Be sure to leave a gracious tip." I handed a money bag to Alexican, and stood up, ready to head out.

"Where are you off to?" Valour was the first to ask, but I could tell Jevin was also asking that same thing, with his eyes.

"I'll be fine, I just wanted to go for some alone time. Just a short walk." I gave a small, reassuring smile and Valour seemed bored.

"You know, it would be a lot more exciting if you took me..." Valour stated, and Arien and Alexican rolled their eyes, almost simultaneously.

"I'll be fine." I nodded and Jevin mouthed, 'Be careful'

It was late in the evening, and I walked across the cobblestone, shoes echoing off the stone. It didn't seem as if much people were out this time in the evening; a few shops were closing up, but basically the streets were deserted.

"Ay, miss!" I turned around, surprised at the calling. A beggar, by the looks of him, he hobbled up to me, his clothes were filthy, but his face was filthier. He opened his mouth, showing only a few teeth. His hair was white, and very bedraggled, as if he'd never had gotten it cut in his lifetime.

"You're talking to me?" I clarified, and he nodded his head emphatically.

"You're the princess right?" I was surprised he knew that- most took me as nobility because of my clothing, but my face never was usually recognized.

"Yes, I am." I kept my face stony, still trying to see if he imposed a threat.

"Well, you're looking for that devil of a wizard, Ukaor, right?" He waited for an answer, his eyes twinkling as if he knew something I didn't.

"Yes, actually, We're making our way there right now."

He scratched his chin, thinking this over. "We? Well, I'll be. You actually got a band together to take the brute. And I didn't think it could be done."

I eyed him wearily, watching closely.

"I have some information that might be useful to you, if you really are set on taking him down." He pulled me toward an alleyway, so as to speak in private. "Ukaor- you won't be able to find him unless you cross the sea."

I narrowed my eyes, not quite following."Do you mean?"

"Yes, he's hopped on a ship. He's gone. You'll have to do the same if you want to find him."

"Are you positive?" I whispered, excited at this new information.

"Yes, quite sure. I saw him get on the ship myself." The man laughed hysterically. "And he thought he would sneak away without anyone noticing. But nothing gets past me. I sees everything that goes around here."

Ensuing all my trust into this man, I nodded and thanked him before running off towards the inn.

Bursting through the doors, I caught everyone off guard. The place went completely silent, and I made my way towards the table at which my comrades sat.

"Pack your bags, we must head for the seas at once!" I announced, hoping they would trust me.

The End

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