It wasn't long before we were out of the forest due to another little scare that had us racing past the trees before they could inflict anymore harm upon us.

After about a night on the road we made it to a villiage. I immeadiatly made sure my cloak was over my face when we entered, not wanting to create any more trouble than I already had here.

We reached the main plaza and got off our horse's to make a plan.

"Well done everyone," Odael smiled wearily, looking espeacially at Lace and Arien, "We can rest here tonight in actual beds."

Though everyone else seemed to visibly relax, I grew tense. Stay here all night? I had hoped we'd be leaving before nightfall.

"What wrong Jevin?" Valour sneered, slapping me hard on the back, "Afraid of a little civilization? I guess I should expect it from you savage goblins."

Why must he insist on being so insolent?! I clenched my fists and, once again, fought down my temper.  That last thing I wanted to do here was draw attention to myself.

"Though we haven't gone far I think we should stock up on supplies just in case. So we'll split up into groups again," Odael announced.

As I expected, Valour stepped forward. And I just couldn't resist sticking my boot out a few extra inches. His foot caught and he stumbled to the ground.

"Valour," Odael rolled her eyes, "Since Jevin watched the wounded last night I think it's your turn. I need you go find a tavern and take them there to rest."

"Why not Rerin?" he whined, nursing his bruised knee and ego.

"Because I asked you."

Muttering harsh insults at me under his breath he walked over to his horse. Then an idea seemed to strike him, "Can Alexican come at least? I could use some company."

"Fine," Odael turned to Alexican, "If she doesn't mind."

"Of course not," she muttered, "I'll go."

"Very well. Jevin, we'll go get supplies."

My plan had worked.


"What else do we need?" Odael asked hurriedly. She looked frazzled from all the bustle and all the products she held added to the effect.

"For you to relax," I chuckled, taking a good hunk of her burden in my own arms, "You haven't been out much have you?"

"No," she shook her head sheepishly, "Not really."

"Nothing wrong with that I suppose," I shifted a bag of dried fruit to the other shoulder, "Just makes this whole thing that much more interesting for you."

"Jevin," her worried tone immediatly set me on edge, "Who's that? He's been watching us this entire time."

"Probably just--" I turned my head and my assumption of an old beggar vanished into a confirmation of an enemy.

"Run," I muttered.


"Anywhere away from here."


"Jevin ol' lad!" the man boomed from behind us, "I knew it was you." His meaty fist  grabbed Odael by the arm and yanked her towards him, "And who's this?"

"No one you need to be concerned about," I growled, getting ready to give the guy a dead-arm.

He glared down at me from his seven-foot height, "You haven't changed at all have you?"

"Let her go." My fingers wrapped around one of my long knives.

"Easy there lad. I ain't gonna hurt anyone."

Heh, I wasn't about to fall for that one again.

"Besides, what--" I cut him off with a fist to the gut, since I couldn't reach his head. He let go of Odael and bent over double, giving me time to pull her from her terrified trance, "C'mon."

We had only gotten a few feet when others began to notice us. Keeping my face as well hidden as possible, I led the princess to the nearest tavern, assuming Valour had gone there, and pushed her inside before slamming the door.

"Who was that?" she whispered.

"No one," I shook my head, "Just and old aquaintence."

The End

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