Lace: Dreams

My eyes closed and I hit a world of strange images, and half made Ideas, I was unsure if this was a good thing or not but I didn't dare to wake myself, I could still feel the many injuries covering my body. As time passes on I see myself in a room with gold walls marked with symbols and a floor of marble, the cieling rounded up into the top with a hole in the top. I look around seeing many rolls of parchment messily splayed allover the floor. To my right a door covered in red marks and hanprints. A guard with a lance and a spear walks agian, his armour also giving off a gold gleam.  He turns swiftly avoiding papers and a crystal balls falls out of his bag rolling across the floor, giving off light, and burning the ground. As I watch the ball a feeling of darkness crossed my mind. 

"May you find peace in darkness."  The echo throughout my head, I try to pry my gaze off of the cystal ball but its seems to follow my sight.

"Don't forget who you are!" A voice says as the image changes to a room filled with newly spilt blood, a man in a dark cloak with evil looking eyes and a grin, and my hands covered in blood.

My eye shoot open as my body jolts forwards in a forest setting, my stomach feeling queezy I vomit to my right.

"Oh, I was happy. Until I saw your face, that is." I hear Valour say, I look it was just Valour  talking Jevin.  I could see Jevin's body tense with anger but before he could express it Odeal says," We should be heading out now."  I get up quickly my body feeling weak but with relief I was happy I could move.  Jevin turns around surprised to see me up.

"Just be a little careful you might find yourself weak for a bit the venom hasn't completely gone yet so don't over exert yourself for awhile. Atleast till the venom has completely worn off.Your quite lucky that I had just enough supplies to make an antidote." He says, I give him a nod. Quickly grabbing my personal effects and putting them on.

"Thanks, for saving me." I say plainly," If you where in my posistion I'm afraid I wouldn't know how to help you."

"Well maybe with time you can help get appropiate ingredients for my future use." He replies finished packing himself up. We both get on our horses, Valour far ahead everyone else. It looked like Arien was alright but it looked like she was going to be sharing a horse with someone else as she recovers from her wounds.

"So which direction are we headed?" I ask eager to get going.

The End

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