Valour- Day Two

To say the least, I wasn't in a good mood when morning came. With little sleep, no cool battle scars, and Jevin's face still around, I was pretty grouchy, and just wanted this journey to be over with already.

"Alexican, Are you positive the wolves made a mistake?" I overheard Odael ask Alexican. Most of us were eating a rough breakfast of oats and wheat, as the two of them talked in whispers, a little ways off.

Scooting closer to get a better hearing range, I also turned my ears into bat ears, to double the distance of hearing.

"I-" Alexican seemed to be thinking it over. "I'm positive. The wolves must of mixed me up with someone else."

"I believe you." Odael moved away, as if she were going to join our group again. "I'll make sure to tell the others so that this will be the end of the discussion, and so that they won't need to ask any unnecessary questions."

The two joined us again, and quick as an arrow, my ears returned to normal. I'll admit, I was kind of disappointed. I had eavesdropped on a boring conversation; I had hoped the two of them were talking about me.

Quickly placing the converstation out of my head, and moving on to more important matters, I turned my thoughts to me, and an instant smile came to my face.

"Someone looks happy this morning." Jevin moved past me, trying to start a fight.

"Oh, I was happy. Until I saw your face, that is." I grinned evilly at Jevin, and he scowled.

Before he could reply, Odael interupted everyone. "We should be heading out now."

Knowing already it was going to be a long day,  I got on my horse and went into a gallop.

The End

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