Alexican - One long night

As I hurried over to the stream, my thoughts were filled with what the wolfs had said. How could my fire, or my sire as they said, be any way responsible for harming them. My father was a mostly harmless, often mostly drunk man who kept to our village. Clearly they had to have me mistaken with someone else. 

I quickly wet the cloth and hurried back across. Odael set about washing the wound, and then binding it tight. It appeared, that as long as there was no infection she would survive.

Rerin had done something to Lace so he was quiet, and was sitting quietly beside him while Jevin was skirting about the campsite, pulling items out of packs and from the ground. From his mutterings it seemed he was quickly trying to make up an antidote to some kind of creature poisoning, from the limited ingredients on hand. 

"I don't suppose you know any magic dealing with poison?" Odael asked Rerin, while still kneeling beside Arien's side.

Rerin shook his head, looking glum at not being more help. "Chances are I could make the matter worse" he stated truthfully.

Odeal nodded. "Well hopefully Jevin's potion will work. We will need to keep watch over Lace throughout the night, and over the campsite in case the creatures attack during the night," she stated, taking charge now the job of caring of Arien's wounds was done. "If I only knew where Valour was."

Just then a bird flew into the camp and quickly became Valour. "I'm so glad to see your all safe. I had to fight off another one of those dragons by myself, didn't get a scratch," he began to brag.

"Funny, since you flew off like a coward from the first one," Jevin retorted, finally finishing his antidote and passing it to Rerin to give to Lace. Hopefully it wasn't too late.

"Why you little," Valour began, but Odael stopped him from moving to attack Jevin with a simple raised hand. 

"Look it has been a long night, so there will be no fighting. Rerin you take first watch over the wounded, Valour your on camp duty. The rest of us should get some sleep." Turning to me she added. "But first I want to know what the wolves meant about you and your sire?"

I sighed and shrugged my shoulders. "They must have been mistaken" I said softly and quietly. "My father rarely leaves our village, and is often... often... well... he isn't often capable of leaving even if he wanted to," I managed to get out, my eyes downcast.

Jevin gave me a curious glance, but Odael clearly could tell I was uncomfortable with the attention and conversation. "Hmmm well we can discuss in the morning now. Valour I want you to wake us for the next watch. Its already been a long night, but it is still awhile off morning, and while Arien seems to be out of the woods, I don't think Lace is and I don't want to lose someone from my party, only the first day in."

The End

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