Odael- Healing wounds, Seeking rest

It took half an hour to finish off the Wolves, and it was a long, gruesome battle. Eventually they were finished off, and we all stood around, heaving out breaths, and looking around bewildered. It was dark, extremely dark, and I knew everybody was tired, but we had people to take care of.

Two of us, Arien, and Lace, were on the ground from lose of blood, and a third, Valour, was no where in sight. My mind raced, trying to figure out a solution.

I decided to take charge, knowing that was the only way to save the two, and keep them alive. "Jevin, I assume you know what happened to Lace and  how to take care of his wounds, or no?"

Jevin looked up to me, very grim. "I'll try my best." It was good enough for me. I nodded to him before turning to Rerin.

"Rerin, you are in charge of helping Jevin, give him whatever he needs and be quick." Rerin nodded, and followed after Jevin. The two of them picked up Lace, and carried him off to a more comfortable spot.

"Alexican, I hope you're not queasy around blood. You're going to help me with Arien."

Not worrying whether Alexican actually followed after me or not, I moved over to Arien, to see exactly how bad it was. Her neck had deep gashes, but nothing serious. Relieved, I ripped a piece of cloth off of the bottom of my dress. Wiping at the wound, I smiled bleakly. Knowing Arien would survive took a huge burden off my shoulder. It brought a sort of peace, like we made it through one more night.

Alexican kneeled beside me, watching Arien's breathing closely. However shallow it was, she was still breathing.

"We need water to wash out the wound." I finally spoke, as I realized my dry makeshift cloth was doing nothing.

"I think I saw a stream over there." Alexican's eyes darted about, searching for a source of water.

"Here, take this, and wet it." I ripped another piece, and handed it to her before she took off in a direction.

I wanted to check up on Lace's progress, but didn't dare leave Arien's side, in case there was a change in her breathing.

Sighing, I waited for Alexican.

One worry down, two more to go.

The End

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