I held my shoulder red blood slowly dripping onto my hands the wound itself felt like a billion burning ,stinging needles. We reached camp quickly still no sign of Valour.

"There is a bunch of impressions on the ground here leading to some damaged underbrush. I think they headed that way." Jevin said only taking a slight look at the ground.

"Alright."I grunted trying to hide the pain. The wound wouldn't stop bleeding!  We bushwhack through the forest for a little while until the sounds of shrieks, and battle reached our hears.

"There, just a little off to the to left. Lets go!" Jevin says. I nod while he takes off,  I pause for a second pushing the pain away from my mind before continuing. I pass him and leap out into the fray. Arien layed on the ground while the others where fighting a pack of oversized wolves. I quickly unsheathed my blade slashing upwards to fend off a wolf. Halfway through the swing my arm goes numb and my sword falls uselessly to the ground. The wolf lands on my chest with my free arm I punch it in the face wrestling it to the ground attempting to hold my elbow against its neck to choke but to no avail it kick me into a tree. That little dragon did more damage than I had originally thought.  I quickly roll back onto my feet my right arm completely paralysed. The wolf looking directly into my eyes, I ran forwards magic building around me, I used it to move my right arm, I drop into a slide just narrowly missing rapier like claws I kick it's head and tackle it with full force.

We both flipped on the ground I land on my legs while it landed on it's side, my sword to my right I quickly grab it with my left arm cutting it across it's snarling face.  It fell to this ground lifeless, I turn looking for my next target feeling the paralysis travelling across my chest. I stabbed the sword into the ground trying to stay on my feet while also trying to bear my pain. What was left  of the pack of wolves withdrew or was fighting the rest of the group. I look upon the blood covered ground. My breath became shallow as more blood pumped out of the wound, I put all of my wieght on my blade, and fell to the ground.

The End

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