Shrieks In The Night

 We crept through the woods with Rerin, my sword at hand. Another shriek sounded, a terrible off-pitched yell tinged with the screech of a sickly howl. Rerin seemed to have his magic prepared, Alexican and Odael their bows, as I readied my sword, flashing silver in the light of Rerin's magic light.

  A rustle in the under brush caught our attention, holding our breath as we waited for what would appear. I adjusting my sword in my hand, sweat beginning to slick it's handle. In a whirl, a snarl sounded in the air, a blur of furry mass leaping at us. It's foul scent whafted into my face, making my eyes water as I heard Rerin shout, tumbling to the ground with a wolf-like beast upon him, two paws placed on his chest and digging hungrily through his clothes. Terrified, I took a swipe at the dog-like animal, larger than any wolf I had seen. It dodged my blade, leaping off Rerin and pacing around us in a small circle, it's yellow eyes flaming with fury.

  Alexican raised her bow to shoot it, but it was too late. With another hideous yelp to the sky, a pack of them arrived, even larger than this one, their shoulders level with our own. They continued at their strange dance around us as we backed to the center. So many seemed to arrive from all around, their skinny forms covered by terribly matted and tangled hair. The horrific aroma they gave off seemed to increase, staining the air. Alexican prepared an arrow once more, pulling it back and aiming at the largest of the wolves, but Rerin hissed, his eyes steadily on the wolves', "No, wait! They all will attack if we shoot at them." 

  "What do we do, then?" Alexican muttered irritably, not taking her eyes off of her target. "Wait till they attack us and tear us to pieces?"

  A laugh tinged with a growl escaped from the largest of the Wolves' lips, stepping forward with it's heavy paws. "We are not the dum animals as you think, Humans. Hunting is scarce in these woods, and we and our pups are hungry. Set down your weapons and we will do away with you as possible."

 "Not very good negotiating, are you?" Rerin replied courageously, stepping forward from our group. His fingers were glittering with magic. My eyes flicked over to him, wondering what he was doing...with the talking dog, of all things.

 The wolf's large eyes scanned our group greedily, but stopped on Alexican. "You," he growled, his hair standing up on his back. "Your sire has chased us from our forest and caused us unimaginable harm! You shall pay dearly with your own blood!"

  I glanced at Alexican, confused, but did not have to linger upon it. All at once, the furious Wolves charged at us, snarling and yapping with glee. Easily, Rerin tossed a few aside with his magic, and Alexican and Odael began raining arrows upon the enemies as I slashed at them, crimson blood staining my sword once more. Whines of pain filled the area as Rerin tossed them at trees and arrows stuck in their coats. One leapt at me, slashing my neck with it's claws before I knocked it away with my sword. Warm blood spilled down my neck and into my clothes, my vision swimming with shock at the deep gashes.



The End

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