Valour- Lost in the woods

It didn't take long for the three of us to find out we were lost, and all thanks to Jevin.

"Had you only listened listened to me Jevin, and taken my advice about having a strategy, we wouldn't be here!" I growled, and Jevin shot me a death glare.

"Had we listened to you, we would have been killed!" He argued back.

"Well your plan did no better! We're lost, with no contact with the others! How do you suppose we're suppose to defeat a powerful warlock if we can't even survive the woods?" I scowled at the goblin, hoping to intimidate him by some means.

"Would you two keep your yaps shut for more than a minute? I hear something over there-" Lace, who had his sword out in the ready, swung around, apparently hearing a noise.

We quieted, and heard a rustling behind us. I pulled out my sword, ready to be the first to attack. The three of us crept closer, taking precaution over whatever beast it might be.

Out jumped a harmless porcupine, making its way home. I laughed, relieved and amused at the fact that both Lace and Jevin had gotten so worked up over nothing.

"This is what you wanted us to shut up about? A porcupine?" I laughed again. "Be careful Jevin! He might just eat you!"

Lace shrugged, not really phased by it. "You can never be too careful."

Jevin, on the other hand, clearly wasn't amused with my sense of humor. "Oh, what a disappointment. I thought it'd be a real beast, y'know, one that could of easily eaten Valour's head off."

Before I could reply, Lace cut me off. "Let's continue on guys. No use standing around here." He moved forward, and I followed suit after giving Jevin the evil eye.

Not long afterward, we heard another rustling, this time to the left of us.

"Uh oh Jevin! Better go save us from the porcupine!" I laughed before shoving Jevin forward, giving him only a little bit of time to grab his sword.

He shook his head, clearly disapproving. He moved forward anyway, trying to check the rustling bush.

"Uh, guys, I think we have a problem." He was clearly seeing something that neither me or Lace could see.

"What is it?" Lace frowned and moved forward, trying to help.

Out of nowhere, a Jaculus Dragon appeared, giving a fiery yawn and a lizardy stretch, as if it had just awoken. It looked around a few times, and the three of us stayed stone-still, not knowing what move to make.

In an instant, it spotted us, and boy, was it not happy. It gave a yelp before it began the chase.

I was the first to say anything. "Run!!!" My reaction was to turn into the fastest bird I could think of, and take off, leaving Jevin and Lace to defend themselves on the ground against the raging creature.

Hopefully the girls and Rerin we're holding up better than we were.

The End

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