Alexican - Things go bump in the night

We had only just begun to set up the camp when a shriek sounded from the forests. I must have jumped a mile in the air, but once I got over the shock my bow was soon in my hands, and I was studying the surrounding darkness, trying to make out anything. My eyesight had always been better than most. 

Valour had told us to split into two groups to investigate, before taking off after Jevin and Lace. They soon disappeared from sight before we had any chance to catch up, leaving us girls and Rerin. Odael had quickly hurried back from where she had been gathering firewood at the edge of the clearing

"Well we won't see anything in this light," Rerin stated, before muttering some words under his breath. Before we knew it, a ball of light was shining in his hand. "This should help."

"And also help others to see us," Arien muttered.

"A risk we'd have to take," Rerin replied. "Its too dangerous to go wandering in the woods in the dark."

"Rerin's right," Odael murmured softly. "We need to stick together, I think the shriek came from that direction," she said, pointing.

Suddenly another shriek sounded from behind us, in the other direction. It was hard to tell if it came from a human or from some strange creature. I nervously fingered my bow, an arrow at the ready. 

"Sticking together sounds good right now," I said softly. "But maybe we should stay here." Another shriek sounded, coming from a different angle. "Because whatever it is, either there's a few that have us surrounded, or one that keeps getting closer."

The next shriek seemed to come from near the edge of the trees, close to where the other men had disappeared. I noticed Odael pull a bow off her own back, and Arien's sword in her hand. Rerin seemed to be preparing to cast spells, in case whatever was causing the sound was hostile. 

"I hope those foolish men are alright," I heard Odael mutter. I nodded, agreeing. Even if I had only just met them all, and wasn't exactly comfortable yet with them I hoped they'd be alright too.

However another shriek silenced any further comments. It seemed that whatever it was was about to come out of the woods, and into our view, and we had to be prepared to face it. 

The End

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