Lace: Search

Everyone in the camp shot up eyeing everything around us suspicously. Valour instantly decided to take command.

" Split up in groups of two, I shall go looking directly where the shriek came from!" He started ordering but Jevin and I had already left the perimeter of the camp towards the shriek.  He caught up quickly.

" What are you two doing we need to have a strategy." He says loudly.

"Shutup!" Jevin hisses as he points ahead," Do you see that? up ahead near that large tree."  I squint in desperation seeing nothing.

"I don't..." I just as Valour says," I don't see what your talking about." Still talking loudly.

"Shh, can you just be quiet for a moment you moron." Jevin says irratated.

"I'am no!!"  A loud crack sounds behind us cutting Valour's out rage. I turn around sharply.

" Where is the others?" I ask realizing they weren't with us.

The End

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