A Long Night

I was immensly relieved when the vote of setting camp won over. Traveling at this time of night in this type of woods was suicide.

I watched as Odael proceeded to wearily give out orders, mine being to find some dry plants to start the fire. I'd noticed how she'd secluded herself to the front for rest of the trip, not her usual bright self. But I guess I expected as much. Afterall, real battle was worlds different than training with a wooden dummy--the only thing I was sure she had faced up until today.

We all split up to help with camp and I saw her slowly drift away to gather wood. It would probaby take a couple days for her to recover, but I thought I might as well try to help. Besides, it was the only moment I could find without Valour hovering over her.

"Odael," I muttered. She spun around, her eyes wide with surprise. "Are you alright?"

"I'm fine," she replied, but her frown and the way she refused to face me spoke louder than her words.

"Are you sure?" I grabbed her elbow, just to let her know I was truly concerned.

"Just tired is all," she sighed.

"If you insist," I slightly bowed my head and turned to leave. I wasn't going to pry it from her, of course, but I would be keeping a close eye.

I made it back to camp to see Lace curiously studying the markings on his arm, having already finished his task. Slightly amused with his strange condition, and thinking I might know what it was caused by, I was about to ask him something about it when a shriek tore from somewhere in woods, peircing the night air. He sat bolt upright and my hand flew to one of my long-knives.

It seemed setting camp would have to wait afterall.

The End

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