A Not So Friendly Encounter

  I jumped from my horse quickly, everyone else lost in the confusion of the Bandit's suprise attack. Briskly, I pulled my sword, twirling it skillfully on my fingers before gripping it with both hands and raising it for a fight. A bandit with a long, narrow face and a large hooked nose strolled up to me, laughing with his disgusting yellow teeth and amusement in his beady eyes. "Give in, pretty lass. Your place is not here."

  In annoyance I lifted my sword and sliced at him, and he was only quick enough to raise his sword so that I could knock it from his weak grip. The laughter was silenced from his voice and wiped clean from his face. The coward turned and ran like a fool, disappearing into the wood.

  With my distraction at the coward of a man, I felt a tip of a sword at my back and a hearty, deep laugh. "Dead." 

  I wiped around as if I was dancing, slicing off the head which belonged  to the man behind me in one, swift blow. Blood stained my sword and the area about my feet.  Swallowing, I had never killed another before. I blinked, shaking my head and leaping into battle with another. Now was not the time to linger on such actions.

   Our party was clearly winning, proving the skill of all of our fighters. But most of the ragged thieving group was not as intelligent as the Coward and did not flee, realizing their clear loss. One was left, and Rerin easily tossed him aside with his well-practiced magic, magic which I had sensed at our earlier meeting.

  "Shall we continue?" said the Princess' dignified voice. We all nodded silently, cleaning our blades on the grass and remounting our horses. In silence we rode away from the site of our first battle.

The End

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