Lace: Cleave

The bandits had first thought they had the Element of surprise, but a planned I only half understood developed in my head, and before I could process it my feet where ahead of my body. I had jumped off the horse and quite a distance behind the bandits. I Unsheathed the massive blade and went back and take out quite an amount of bandits out in few single slices.  As I do a more skilled bandit comes up behind me, My reflexes sends me into a duck, I go to swing the blade across his abdomen but he dodges and my sword goes halfway through into a tree.  In a quick attempt to yank it out the bandit aproaches, I give it up and grab his arm holding a rapier and jerk hard enough he drops it I knee him in the chest. This time I succesfully yank the blade of the tree Running to the other side of the path I dodge arrows, I guess they also had an archer.

I reach the other side the others had finally had gotten themselves even footing with the bandits, and had taken quite a number out.  I swept the sword in massive left- to right attack. I had missed these bandits where quick on their feet I could give them that.  I wish this massive sword was a just a tad lighter. I thought to myself.

One of them charges, I bring the sword up and make the flat side face face and hold it up with my left arm, the  sound of metal hitting metal hits my ears and with one arm I cleave the unfortunate bandit in half. I noticed I was carrying the massive blade in one hand and a slight aura was covering. Instead of casting a spell with magic I was using it as extra mucsle. Slightly amazed I knew how to do that I continued forwards turning the magic into  fire around my blade making me more terrifying.

The End

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