Valour- Heading Out

"Valour! Wake up!" A famliar voice probed me, yet I still didn't open my eyes.

"Leave me alone!" My words mumbled together, and I tried to swat the voice away, as if it were a fly.

"Why don't we just leave him here? The journey would go much smoother that way." Another voice commented, clearly annoyed. My eyes shot open. That voice could only belong to one person- Jevin.

"I heard that!" I got up, ready to fight.

"Hey! You guys, you heard what the princess said; if you fight, you don't get food." Arien, the one who had tried to wake me up, stood in between Jevin and I, just so I wouldn't try anything.

"Okay, fine." Jevin sighed and headed for the door. I eyed him warily. If I knew goblins, which I did, the one thing they never did was back down from a fight. He couldn't give up that easily.

"What are you waiting for? Let's go!" Arien went out into the hallway, and I quickened my pace to keep up.

"Where are we going?" I asked before giving Jevin a dirty glare, but he ignored it completely. Yes, I was trying to start a fight, but he deserved it.

"To the stables. Everyone else is there, waiting for us."

We walked into the stable, and it looked as if everyone was ready to go.

"I have enough horses here for everyone, so go ahead and help yourselves." The princess gestured towards all the many horses, and I pushed through everyone, to make sure I got the best one.

The one I settled for was a black Throughbred, it was huge and looked very speedy.

After everyone else mounted, and the supplies we're looked through- twice, it seemed as if we were ready to finally get underway.

The princess pulled out a huge map, carefully looking it over."Our best bet is to head up North. I heard talk that Ukaor was there, and rumors that he was terrorizing a village up that way."

Jevin nodded in agreement. "He liked to dwell there."

"Then let's go!" Arien suggested, and the princess nodded in agreement.

The princess took the lead, making her white horse go into a gallop, and I commanded mine also, so I could catch up with her.

Purposely making sure Jevin could get nowhere near the princess, I rode with the princess side by side. The rest of the riders fell into pairs of two, with the princess and I taking the lead, Jevin and Arien right behind, Rerin and Alexican behind them, and Lace taking the rear. I could hear those behind us beginning to talk, already a little nervous of what was to come ahead. Myself, I chuckled. They need not fear when I was with them.

"So princess, have you heard of the many quests I've been on?" I said, thinking of a way to impress her.

"Quests?" She asked, looking to me for an explanation.

"Yup. Just resently went and slayed a dragon." Sure, it was a lie, but if impressed the princess, what did it matter?

Her eyes widened. "An actual dragon?"

"Yup. Quite an amazing story actually." I looked to Jevin, who rolled his eyes, and I decided to continue on. "You see-"

I stopped mid-sentence as a group of bandits approached. They had appeared out of nowhere, and suddenly were surrounding us on every side. They were clothed in black robes and evil grins, and smelt absolutely rauncy. I could probably smell them from 100 paces back, if not more.

Everyone's horses stopped mid-step and the little band circled around us. Our odds weren't good; we were out numbered. For every three of them, there was one of us.

"Why what do we have here?" A man, who seemed to be their leader, stepped closer, as he pulled out his sword. His unshaven face even repulsed me, and I couldn't even imagine how repulsed all the girls would be.

It was going to be hard to get out of this one.

The End

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