Lace: 100 years ago

"Thanks." I say before she begins to tell me all the plans.After the plans we're relayed to me it was pretty late.

" I have room set aside for everyone in the guest area ,just follow me there. Please help yourself of available food , beverage , and clothing there for the night, also sleep well , tomorow  we have alot of land to cover." The princess directed , and we all got up the younger man with the blond air eyed me trying to form an opinion of me. I brushed it off , from what I saw he seemed a bit young and needed to shave down on his overconfidence.

"Are you short on money, I can tell by the age of your garments you must have found used in a old village shop?" The young man asked.

"No, I was wearing them when I woke." I answered simply.

"So someone put that old equipment on you , after mugging you? You can't be much of a fighter if you got taken down by petty thugs." He assumed.

"No, I was not mugged I was...." I trailed off not knowing what had happened , " I have forgotten much." I said before losing myself to thought.  I followed behind everyone else ignoring the young man , and his assumptions about me. I look at a picture of slightly biased picture of a victory, set upon a landscape of burnt rolling hill surrounded by ice covered mountians. A white knight with a lance and flag in hand standing truimphantly over a rise in the hill. My head hurts as I look at it, then my vision snaps as I see the scene myself.

"Get up Lace, get up we need to make sure the royal gaurd has a clear get away."  A blurred face shakes my bloodied tired body. I get up and charge down upon vile creatures of darkness.A little into the battle they creatures retreat, and there the white knight had claimed the land.

The memory stopped as I kneeled on the floor holding my head in pain.

" I was there." I said.

"Are you crazy or something pal? That was a 100 years ago." The young man says.I can't be crazy what I had seen was real, I was sure. The man wearing the dark hood came over and I could see his pail skin he was partially a goblin.

" What I felt when you legs buckled was break in the spell. Have you encountered a skilled magician recently?"

"No, all I know was I woke up, and remember nothing before then." I say casually.

The End

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