Alexican - yet another person

We had made our way into the palace and begun discussing plans. Yet Odael had been called away to greet yet another person. I felt my face go white. We were leaving in the morning, surely this would be the last person to join the group? There was already more people than I was normally comfortable with in this room alone. 

Valour, obviously bored with the plans suddenly turned to me, where I was seated at the table. "You don't talk much do you?" he asked me, curious.

I shook my head. "There's not much to say," I managed to murmur quietly before dropping back into silence. I hoped he would turn his attention elsewhere.

"Sure there is. For instance you could tell me all about you," he pressed.

I shook my head again. "I'd rather not," I said, looking down. I hoped that Valour would get the hint that I was not one who dealt well with strangers. It was hard to deal well with people when the majority of your contact with other people was your father, and the men who would sometimes carry him drunkenly home. 

"But everyone has their story to tell, and I would love to hear the story of such a pretty lady as you," Valour continued, not giving up.

"Oh leave the girl alone Valour," Jevin suddenly interrupted, frowning at the man. "If you she doesn't want to talk to you she doesn't have to."

"Make me," Valour said, glaring at the man.

The pair would have broke out into another fight, if not for the reappearance of Odael with another man in tow. 

"Everyone this is Lace," she introduced, shooting a glare at where Jevin and Valour were both half out of their seats, about to jump at each other. "He will be joining our expedition. Maybe he'll be able to help keep the peace between you two." She then went around the table, introducing all of us.

The two men had settled back in their seats, but were now glaring at each other. Odael sighed. "I don't know what started you two off this time, but know this. I will not stand fighting on this expedition. You fight with each other, and you miss your rations of food for that day. You got it?" she told the two, her eyes fierce. Valour appeared ready to complain, to blame Jevin but on seeing Jevin nod silently decided to simply follow his example. After all, he wanted to impress the princess. 

"Good. Now we'll go over the plan one more time for Lace's sake and then you will all get some sleep," she stated, taking a seat and directing Lace to do the same. 

The End

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