Moonbeam Magic

Our little clan began the short walk back to the castle and, naturally, I remained in the back, a shadow. I was about to fall into the familiar world of my own thoughts when a glint caught my eye.

There, on the Arien's thumb, was a something that thrust me into a rushing flashback:

"What's that Sir?"

"A ring, lad, what does it look like?"

"Do most rings glow like that?"

He peered at me, searching me up and down with a strange frown sprawled across his face before looking down at his hand, "Ah fiddlesticks."

I slightly drifted to the present to smile at myself. He'd been so much more light-hearted back then.

"It seems to be running low," he grinned mischeviously and crouched down to whisper something in my ear, "Hey do you want to see something really cool?"

I nodded my young head eagerly.

"Alright," he straightened and flung open one of the study's windows, permitting the moon to spread her pale fingers across any suface she could reach from the small space. He held out his ring-bearing hand into the night air and a silvery butterfly landed atop its gem, others following behind in some sort of graceful dance. It remained only long enough to flutter its wings a few times before leading the entire spectacle out, leaving the ring looking normal again.

"Woa!" I exclaimed, causing my tutor to chuckle in delight, "What were those?"

"Moonbeam magic. It's a strange and mysterious form of wizardry, alloted to only those the moon herself sees worthy. It holds the same healing and calming powers that come with sleeping, as well as others I have yet to discover. "

The scene fled just as the butterflies had done so long ago and I let curiosity get the best of me by grabbing Arien's wrist and turning her face me.

"What is this?" I hissed, almost accusingly. I couldn't help it, for it looked exactly as my master's. Had she stolen it?

"Come now!" Odael called, slapping me from my type of trance and reminding me of reality, "You're falling behind."

I met her eyes, searching them for any answer but in vain. She seemed just as clueless as I felt. I finally released and strode past her.


I couldn't push the stupid thing from my head. Could it have been this robbery that that had helped in angring Ukaor so? Afterall, he'd held that type of magic in a high place.

But then, she did look slightly elvish. Probably as much elf as I was goblin with her silver eyes and smooth features. Perhaps the elves were aquainted with the Moonbeam mess.

It was then that I finally became aware that I had been staring at her this whole time. Ah well, I was a ranger with an awesome cloak--I could get away with staring, it added to the whole 'mysterious' look people assumed we were going for. That's also when the thought hit me:

"Moonbeam magic...alloted to only those whom the moon herself sees worthy."

Worthy. Ukaor was no longer worthy. He must've lost it. That meant she must've came in contact with him somewhere and the moon transfered her wonderous gift to someone more deserving.

I sighed and rested my forehead in my palms, barely noticing Odael leave the room. This 'notorious warlock' had lost his ring, meaning he'd lost a whole lot more than that.

It was silent. I looked back up to see everyone glancing at each other, waiting for someone to strike up a conversation.

"Well," Valour--of course--brought his legs up to rest them on the table and tipped back his chair contently, "I don't know about you all, but I've had enough planning for today. Anyone find anything interesting in the marketplace today? I saw the most hideous--"

"I think it'd be best if we ran through everything again, just to make sure everyone's got it," I pointedly interupted.

Valour rolled his eyes at me and let his chair fall back down, but I only sneered in return.

"So," Rerin spoke up, "Who exactly is this warlock person? I'm not sure I quite got his name from all this."
I smiled, liking this guy for totally winging it. I could tell this isn't at all what he had planned to do today--or this month, "Ukaor. I'm sure you've heard of him."
His stormy blue eyes flashed in anger, "Oh yes," he growled, "I've heard of him."

I pushed down the painful pang, wondering just how long I could hold onto any loyalty to Ukaor while my comerades held such a negative amount, "Good. Then now that we're all on the same page, let's review all the plans."

The End

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