Odael- Spending the Money

"We should go this way first!" Valour took off, and expected me to follow him.

He rushed through the crowds, and if I hadn't kept up a fast pace I would have lost him entirely.

"Do you even know where we're going?" I asked incrediously. He was so confident, so sure of himself, yet I could tell he didn't have a lot of experience in the capital city.

"Sure. We're going to a shop." He grinned and pointed. "See it's right there."

It was his lucky day. By chance, he had led us right to one of the food stalls that I had planned on going to. I smiled, amused. "Okay, you got us to the food stalls. But can you get us to the blacksmiths?"

"Yes. I know exactly where it's at too." He waited for me as I went and paid for a week's worth of food, for ten people. Had I bought anymore, it would of spoiled and gone to waste.

"Okay. This way now." He started off, and I shook my head, silently laughing. Valour certainly had a distinct personality.

After much time, shopping, and getting lost, we got everything that I felt we needed and we headed back to the castle to meet the others. We approached the castle gates, and I could tell Jevin and Alexican were not alone. Two other people, a boy and a girl had joined them and they were talking amongst each other.

"Seems like the goblin couldn't even get shopping right. He brought back people, not supplies!" Valour joked and I threw him a chastening look to shut him up.

"Did you guys get everything?" I inquired of Jevin and Alexican, hoping they'd introduce us to the newcomers.

"Yes, we did. By the way, this is Rerin and Arien." Jevin made the introductions and I turned to the two, smiling.

"We would like to join you on your quest to hunt Ukaor." Rerin stated, and Arien nodded in agreement.

"Wonderful. Let's go inside and discuss when we will leave." I led the party into my home, straight to my personal study.

We discussed several possibilities, but finally settled on leaving first thing in the morning. It was a good plan; we would have all day to travel, and we'd have a head start on where to find Ukaor. We didn't have an exact location for the evil warlock, but Jevin had a pretty good idea where he would be at, and that was good enough for me. 

"Princess, a man going by the name of  Lace has shown up at the gates. He wants to speak with you about the expedition." I stood up and excused myself from the group, letting them work out the final details amongst themselves. I looked to Alexican and saw her face go white with worry. I felt kind of bad, but we needed all the help that we could get. One more person on this expedition wouldn't make too much of a difference, would it?  Before I could entirely leave the room, the maid stopped me. "Be careful, miss. He seems a little sketchy. He wasn't even sure about his own name."

I nodded, and continued on. I met with the man in the foyer, and he seemed a little confused. He was looking around, and his eyes showed amazement and a little bit of daze too.

"Lace is it?" I asked politely. I stepped forward so he could see me clearly.

"Uh. Yes. I think." He frowned at his own answer and I noted his appearance. On his arm, I could see ancient writing, the kind we had used to identify soldiers, until we had done away with that tradition. The clothing he wore told that he was some kind of soldier, or guard of some sort, but I couldn't tell specifically of what kind.

"You think?" I questioned, a little surprised at the response.

He scratched the back of his head. "Yes. I'm not sure of much right now."

"But you want to join the expedition?" I could tell he'd be a good person to have with us. He looked as if he was skilled with a sword, and I could already tell he'd be good in battle, if it ever came down to it.

"Yes. I think I could help getting rid of this... warlock." He stared at the poster he held in his hand and tried to pronounce Ukaor's name. It came out all wrong, like he spoke in an ancient tounge and was trying to resort back to it. I stiffled a laugh.

"We are actually discussing the journey right now, come and I'll introduce you to the others." I led the way and he followed behind, his eyes wide at all the decorations we had in the palace.

Lace was going to make for a very interesting traveling companion.

The End

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