Lace's awakening

"Your time has come!Rise, and find a new world awaiting your return but  without memory of who you are. May you find peace in the darkness."  The words sounded familiar but yet I couldn't tell what it meant.  As light returned to my cold body the phrase repeated itself, until my vision met a clear blue sky. What was that , and who am I?What am I doing here?

"Where did he come from?" A weak sounding male disturbs my thoughts.

"I don't care , check his pockets perhaps he has a few coins on him." I hear a females voice filled with greed. The sounds of gravel grinding towards me stops as a young faces appears into view stuffing his hands into my pockets. At first my cold limbs do not respond but with a small jolt of anger, they move. I grab the back of the boys shirt.

"I don't think thats very kind of you." I make a semi audable grunting noise. The kids face turns  to fear as I throw him backwards,and get up.

" You idiot! Can't you do anything right? Let me deal with this!" The female says from behind me. The sounds of leather boots leaping into the air, sends my instincts into overdrive as sword finds itself into my hands, blocking two razor sharp daggers.She quickly darts backwards her deadly violet eyes meeting my own eyes.

"Hmm , how bothersome." She groans sheathing both blades," I hate using magic."  Flames build up in her, hands and release a small storm of shearing heat burning the ground. Once agian instinct takes over and I charge forwards and sweep the blade up, cutting a minor gash across her torso and killing the flames instantly.  Hey young cowardly friend runs for the hills as she hits the ground unable to continue fighting. I put the sword onto my back and crouch beside her.

"Do you know my name? Anything about me would be helpful." I say kindly this time my words making sense.  Even though she was writing in pain she made a small smile and asked," Are you crazy?How can you not remember your own name?"

"I don't remember anything about myself, just the sounds of a phrase or a curse." I said simply, getting back into a standing posistion but just before I begin to walk away she says one last thing, " I tend not to talk to people who try to kill me but on your arm it has ancient writing  that used to be used for Identifying soldiers long ago. It says Lace, hope that helps."

"Thanks. I wish I could repay you for your slight redemption in kindness but I'm afraid I wouldn't know how." I say as I take in my surroundings.

"I'll be fine." The thief luaghs standing up," I always got a little solution for everything!" She brags putting a vial of liquid into her pockets, and leaving with only a scar.  I look around and see a larg city a little aways covering a large hill with stone buildings. Seeing nothing else of interest I begin walking, wondering wether I had made a friend or an enemy.


The sun was begining to hover above the horizon, and sooner or later I would need a place to rest.  But how would one go about finding a place of rest? I wandered a bit farther and coming upon something that looked familiar, an Inn. I walked in and headed for the counter.

"Can I have a room for the night?" I ask.

" 10 gold coins." The inkeeper said boredly. I search my pockets and find a few round like items with a bronze colour.

"Is this enough?" I ask.  The inkeepers face went red.

" We don't take older currency. If thats all you have please kindly find yourself to the door."

I took the bronze coins off the counter , wondering what I could do now.

"Oi you with the red hair!" A man yells I take it to just be locals talking to another man until I hear it again and the man was looking at me directly.

"Yes you. Your the only one in the room with red hair are you daft or something?" He asks.

"Certainly feel that way."

"Well anyways I saw your little problem back there, but from the looks of you I think you could take the princesses job. You look like the warrior type."

"Princess?" I ask incredulous.The man looked disapointed.

"Just take this and head to the palace the really big spectacular building." The man handed me a poster something about a warlock and getting rid of it. Sounded good enough, now getting to the palace.


A few hours later of sinceless wandering I find myself at the palace just before the suns sets into the horizon.

"Can I help you?" A maid asks from across the courtyard.

"Yes, are you still in need of a man in this journey." I say taking out the poster.

"Just wait here, I will find the princess, and your name is?"  She asks

"Um." I looked stunned for a moment then remembered what the thief had said," Lace."

The End

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