Alexican - New comers

Despite my initial shyness I was slowly warming to Jevin throughout our shopping trip. He knew many places in the city to gather supplies, but I managed to find the courage to point out some places myself, such as a shop that seemed to deal in arrows. A girl could never have too many arrows. 

We were just arriving back where we had started when we had spotted two strangers walking towards the castle. They seemed to be walking with a purpose. 

"Do you think those are latecomers?" I asked Jevin, all the while hoping that they wouldn't be. Even 3 other people was more than I was used to.

""That or intruders," he replied, "Maybe we should go ask them. We've got nothing else to do."

Alright," I shrugged, "If you say so." I was used to letting others give the orders, and to not questioning them. However a look of unease crossed my face.

"Don't worry," Jevin reassured me, "I'll do the talking."

I nodded, as we walked up to the pair. As we got closer I could see that one of the pair was a tall female, with long black hair. The other was a male and just shorter than the female. His hair was almost black itself, but the closer we got the more I could see it was a brown.

Just as we approached, the pair turned around, hearing our footsteps. "We don't want any trouble," the girl said nervously, glancing at us. 

"And we wish to give none," Jevin replied. "We just wish to enquire as to your purpose at the castle."

The pair glanced at each other, then at us. "You first," the male said to the female, who nodded. 

"I wish to join the Princess's expedition," she said truthfully. I could tell from the guys face that he had yet to hear this. 

"As do I," he told us, and this time it was the woman's turn to look a little shocked. It seemed fate had had a hand in bringing two people on the same journey to reach their first destination together. 

"Well as luck would have it, we are a part of that destination," Jevin replied, before indicating me. "This is Alexican and I am Jevin."

I smiled warmly, but was still too nervous to speak. This would make 6 people in total, unless my counting had been wrong. I bit my lip nervously, making it a nervous smile.

"I am Arien and this is Rerin," introduced the girl. Just then we were interrupted by the return of Valour and Odael. 

The End

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