Valour- Getting the supplies

"All I ask of you guys is your time, and energy in taking Ukaor down- nothing more. Any supplies, any weaponry you need, I will pay for. I will finance everything." Odael promised, nodding her head.

The princess was a looker, even more so than I had expected, and I was excited to be spending much time with her. If it hadn't been for the good looks of both her and Alexican, I would probably be out the door and on the search of another quest. I didn't work well with 'team' expeditions, and didn't expect it to be any different on this quest either. Especially with the ugly half-goblin creature. Inwardly I scoffed. The guy was a clear wanna-be.

"Do you think we should gather up supplies right now?" Alexican offered.

It was a smart idea; at least I knew I had nothing better to do.

"Let me just go gather the money and we can head into town." Odael took off, leaving the three of us alone.

"Alexican is it? Very nice to meet you." I turned to the girl, and she blushed, from the attention, or my charm. I wasn't sure which.

Jevin rolled his eyes- or at least I think that's what I saw under that dark cloak of his.

But before another argument could get under way with us, the princess came back,  huge money bags in hand.

"Do you think this will be enough?" She asked, biting her lip.

Jevin's eyes widened. "That should be plenty."

"Good. Let's waste no time then. I don't know what we need exactly, so let's split up and meet back here with all the provisions." Odael spun around and headed for the door, the rest of us following behind.

Before Jevin could catch up to the princess, I took off sprinting, and caught up to her in no time flat. "I'll accompany you, princess. I think it will go faster that way." I grinned and the princess gave a small smile.

"Okay. Jevin, you and Alexican can go buy all our weapons, maps, and potions. Valour and I will get all the food we will be needing, some sort of transportation for all of us, and anything else I think we'll need." Odael threw one of the money bags to Alexican, ans Alexican caught it before the four of us split up at the castle gate, the two of them going one way and the two of us the other way.

The End

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