Joining the Expedition (Alexican)

I had set off the next morning for the capital, leaving a note for my father who was sleeping off his drink still. He knew where I was going and why, as long as he could remember it was his idea.

I was in the capital later that day, and had sought lodgings for the night. The next morning I had presented myself at the castle, and been made to wait in the courtyard. Nervous, I began to pace

I was surprised to see the princess herself enter. After confirming that I was there to help with Ukaor, and inquiring about my archery we headed in to the castle to meet the rest of the expedition, a fact which made me more and more nervous. Was the princess herself going to be leading the expedition? And what would these other expedition members be like? I hoped there was not too many.

We entered the ballroom to find a pair of men fighting like young boys. One of them had distinctly grey skin, while the other appeared to be normal. 

"Both of you stop," the princess cried, before throwing herself into the mix to separate them. Somehow she was able to pull them apart. 

""Both of you will be on the expedition together. You have to learn to get along," she told the boys, before turning to me. 

"This is," she began before frowning. "I"m sorry I didn't get your name out there."

"Alexican," I murmured quietly, just loud enough for the princess to hear. 

"This is Alexican," she introduced me to the two boys. "As you all probably know, I am Princess Odael. Then we have Jevin," she continued, pointing to the one with grey skin, who was quickly readjusting his cloak to cover it, "and Valour. So far this is our expedition."

I let out a sigh of relief at the fact that there was only a small number of them. I didn't know if I would be able to deal with too many people after all. However the so far told me that there might be more soon. 


The End

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