Odael- The beginning of a journey

I stood on my balcony, and let the wind whip my dark hair around, letting it fly in several directions at once. Ironically, it had a calming effect upon me, and eased some of the apprehension about the new decree I had sent through the land. It was time for to bring Ukaor down, no doubt about that, yet I still had some doubts if I would be able to even track him down, nevertheless find bodies willing to help me.

"Princess, someone is here to see you." I turned and smiled, dismissing the maid who had got me.

I walked into the ballroom, and saw the figure who had sent for me. I walked toward him, almost sure of who it was. He was wearing a dark hood, pulled up over his face, hiding his features.

"Jevin?" I asked, and he pulled his hood off at the sound of his name.

"I hoped you wouldn't know who I was." He gave a half-nervous laugh.

"It's only been a couple of years since our last meeting, and I remember a face when I see it." Jevin had been a good friend to my parents; even as one of the younger rangers, my parents had known he had talent, and had a high regard of him. "Besides, I knew you'd be one of the first when I sent out that notice about Ukaor."

His dark yellow eyes shone with sorrow at the name. I knew Jevin's history ran pretty deep with Ukaor, although I didn't know all the details. "I'll help any way possible, Princess." Jevin nodded solemnly.

I grinned. "Please, call me Odael. I think You've known me long enough to grant me that  Jevin."

Above our heads, and completely out of the blue, a bird flew in through one of the windows, and circled above before landing, and turning into a human being. It wasn't too strange; I had seen weirder magic, yet it was still suprising all the same.

The man looked a little older than Jevin, and had golden hair, that fell in curls and dark brown eyes that oozed confidence.

"Princess, I am the solution to your Ukaor problem." He took a step towards me, and I was almost speechless in suprise."I'm Valour, the shapeshifter.

"Excuse me, Valour, but I was just engaged in a private conversation with the Princess, so if you don't mind," Jevin growled, and waited for the man to leave.

"Oh, but of course! Sorry to interuppt." The man fake smiled before putting his foot out. Jevin didn't see it in time and as he took a step, he tripped and landed flat on his face.

"Why you little-"I could see Jevin's outrage, and before I could put a stop to the either of the men, my maid entered in again.

"Princess, there's another person here about the decree. She's waiting in the courtyard."

"Thank you Cecila." I walked passed her. "And keep an eye on these two. Make sure they don't kill each other."

I hurried to the courtyard, anxious to meet the girl. As I entered in, I saw a girl with long, straight, blonde hair and dark navy blue eyes. She  seemed nervous, as she kept pacing about the yard.  She was a very pretty girl, and  nice from what I saw, and I smiled instantly.

"You must be here about Ukaor?" I inquired, and she stopped pacing instantly at the sound of my voice.

"Yes, your highness. I wanted to join the expedition." She fingered her hair nervously, obviously a little unsure.

I nodded. "We'll be taking off at once. There are a couple of others that are interested too. They're in the ballroom; I'll introduce you." We walked together into the castle, an awkward silence passing us. "Are you trained in archery?" I asked, noticing the quiver of arrows on her back.

She nodded silently. She seemed a little worried, and I didn't blame her. Even I was scared of what this journey would hold.

We walked into the ballroom to find Valour and Jevin in the middle of a fight. They were rolling around on the ground, like two young boys would have.

"Both of you stop!" I moved over to them, and although I was weaker than both, somehow I manged to stop them from hitting each other any further. "Both of you will be on the expedition together. You have to learn to get along." I frowned.

I could already tell this was going to be a long journey, one where there was never any dull moments.



The End

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