A chance

It was a cold dark night, and like so often happened, my father was once more drinking more than his share down at the tavern. It was a source of discontent between us, I hated that he drank so much, but as he so often explained he had a lot of sorrows to try and forget.

And so, like many nights when he had decided to take himself off to get drunk, I had prepared myself a simple meal, practiced some archery, and, once the light had faded to the point where the target was barely visible, went inside our simple house to await my fathers return, possibly carried unconscious by one of the tavern keepers men. 

However, unlike most nights when he went out drinking away our few coins this night my father was back. There was what would be a spectacular black eye beginning to form on his face, possibly the result of yet another tavern fight, and a fire burning in his eyes. 

"Alexican, of I have the greatest news. We must pack you a pack immediately," he shouted excitedly, pushing past me to seize a pack that rested in his room, before heading into my small quarters. "Come on, there's no time to waste."

"Whats going on father?" I asked, confused as he began to toss my various belongings haphazardly into the pack. I was concerned for my belongings, but worried that attempting to stop my father would prove troublesome. I could always salvage my belongings once he had fallen asleep.

"There's not a moment to lose Alexican. You must set out immediately. You need to get the capital. Grab your bow girl already," he said in a rush, still piling things into the bag. I sighed and attempted to reach over for the pack. 

"It'll be much faster if I pack then father while you tell me what is going on," I stated simply, hoping he wouldn't kick up a fuss. However, my father simply nodded, taking a seat on the bed.

"The word is everywhere. The princess is organizing an expedition to hunt down Ukaor. You must get to the capital and join the expedition and put an end to that murdering callous fiend once and for all. If only I still had my arm, I would be on the way there myself."

"And when is this expedition leaving father?" I asked wearily. 

My father blinked at me, before shaking his head. "Well I'm not sure but I think I heard someone say that it couldn't be sooner than a week," he replied.

I put down the pack, and placed a hand on my fathers good arm. "Father even if I leave tomorrow morning, it'll take me no more than a day to walk to the capital. I can pack in the morning. But for now I want you to get some sleep," I explained in what I hoped was a calm, reassuring tone.

My father looked at me for a second before looking away. "Yes I suppose you are right. We'll wake at first light so you can pack then. And you can be on your way and sign up for the expedition and find lodgings in the city. Yes I think I will get some sleep now."

I watched as my father retreated to his room, and carefully unpacked the items he had shoved into the pack. I then set about carefully repacking the pack, so it would be ready to go in the morning. My father was right, this was my chance and I had to take it. Come morning I would be on my way to the capital, to join the expedition.

A slight shudder overtook me at the thought of all those people. My father and I, apart from his tavern trips, kept to ourselves, so the thought of joining an expedition scared me a little. I hoped it would be a small expedition, for there was no way I could miss this chance to see justice done.  

The End

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