Valour's chance

"Ah look, the brave knight who can't save a soul. Back from your latest quest already?" The innkeeper mocked, wiping a table nearby.

"No harm no foul, right?" My chair scraped against the wooden floorboards as I pushed it back and exited the building. I didn't need the man reminding me of my latest faliure; it was already fresh on my mind- a little too fresh.

I quickened my pace and placed a scowl on my face, stopping all small talk that had been on the lips of passerbyers. I was in a bad mood and not afraid to show it.

"Valour! Valour!" I winced as I recognized voice that could only belong to one person, my brother, Dagaas. He was two years younger than me, and coud be a real pain.

"What is it? You're wasting my time." Impatiently, I didn't wait for him but continued on.

After fixing the glasses that were slowly slipping off his nose, Dagaas frowned. "I see someone's in a sour mood. Did you fail another quest again?"

"I didn't fail Dagaas. I just didn't succeed." I said, annoyed of him already. I turned, ready to walk away.

"Wait! I have something that you could use!" He pushed a piece of parchment into my hands, and I unrolled it, and read it, taking it in.

"What's this about?" I asked, looking to him to see why it concerned me.

"The princess. She's looking for people who have information on the whereabouts of this warlock, Ukaor." I gave the paper back to him.

"What does that have to do with me?" I questioned, still confused.

"Think about it. If the princess wants to know the whereabouts for this guy, eventually she'll want someone willing to go and get rid of him, and that's where you come in." Dagaas explained.

I paused in my walking, and grinned. "This could be my chance. My time to make a name for myself!" Excited, I patted Dagaas on the back. "This is it Dag!" I took form of a Hercinia before taking off for the palace at top speed.

"Your welcome!" Dagaas called after me, a little indignant, but I hardly could hear him.

After all, I was about to make myself a hero.

The End

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