Alexican - To escape or to rescue

I had been staring at the dragon and it seeming to stare at me, seeming to recognise me when Ukaor's guards had suddenly appeared. In my near hypnotized state I had been easily captured, a fact which shamed me.

Later in the prison cell I had wondered about the dragon. Perhaps it had been trained to obey those of Ukaor's blood. While I still had trouble admitting to myself that I was of his blood, maybe we could use this. 

Arien and her cousin had been having a hurried catch up when to all our shock Valour had appeared. I couldn't believe it, that the man was usually ran away seemed to be rescuing us. 

As we had followed Valour along the twisting turns of the dungeons I had noticed a guard lurking in the corridor ahead of us. None of the others had noticed it at first, and so I had snuck up on it, glad the guards who had captured us had not searched us too hard. They had taken my bow and at least 2 of my daggers but I was still left with one, and that one was soon protruding from the guards back. It had surprised the others, but there was no way I was allowing us to be caught again. Just the look of Dedril showed that being in the dungeons wasn't pleasant, and Ukaor wouldn't try to keep us around as long as him. I didn't know yet how far my healing went, but it was quite probable that there were ways I could be killed and that Ukaor would know them.

We had managed to get out of the dungeons and were walking down halls which once were surely lavish, when the door to the dungeons had shut and locked behind us. Having little time to think, we all dived for a hiding place. I managed to jump into an alcove behind a dusty tapestry, where I willed myself not to sneeze. 

Once Ukaor had hurried Jevin and Odael roughly past we all came out of our hiding spots. I quickly let out a stiffled sneeze, hoping Ukaor ahead had not heard.

We then proceeded to have a quick whispered conversation

"So what do we now?" asked Arien.

"I've rescued you lot. Surely thats enough," Valour replied, nervously. 

I glanced at Valour. He had come through for us so far but I thought I might know the words to get him to go ahead with this.

"Yes but Valour sure there's a few of us. But all of us together is nothing compared to the glory of rescuing a princess. You'll be able to drink for life in any tavern in the kingdom off that story," I told him. Before turning to the others. "We owe Odael and Jevin this chance. And aren't we in this to take our own chance against Ukaor."

"Can we trust her around him?" Dedril asked. "She has his eyes, those chilling cold blue eyes."

"She may resemble him, but she's nothing like him," Lace retorted. 

"Okay so we rescue them," Rerin put in. "The question is how."

The End

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