Rerin -- Following Valour

I snickered at Valour's typical behavior. Even in the dark, damp dungeons he never failed to be the shining symbol of sarcasm.

Our group shuffled our way behind him and I instinctively grabbed Arien's hand, feeling her cousin's curious eyes on me. We had gone for only a few minutes when the slamming of a cell door echoed from somewhere behind us, making us all leap out of our skins. There was a mirthless sneer, the words mixed by their bouncing off of stone walls, and a scramble of footsteps.

"Someone's behind us," I muttered.

"Go faster!" Alexican urged.

We quickened our stumblings and I was positive that whoever was on our tail could hear us, but it only urged me to move faster.

Valour leading us to a dead end, Lace being tripped by a prisoner, and Alexican surprising us all by taking out a gaurd later, we found our way out--well, out of the dungeons that is. Getting out of the castle was a whole different matter.

"I think its this way," Valour whispered to himself, heading down one of the elaborate halls.

"Not this again," Dedril rolled his eyes. Having finally reached a semi-lighted area, I could now see what he looked like--or rather, what the prison had done to him. He was a  withered and worn version of a once healthy, strong man. Had he not been weakened, I probably wouldn't be hanging so close to his sister-like cousin.

As we followed our self-appointed guide silently down the hall, I also began to inspect my surroundings. Ukaor's castle was almost...beautiful, as if it had once belonged to a noble king and time had dimmed its vibrance. There were graceful statues along the wall, long-abandoned pots for plants, and even a few dusty paintings. It was as if the guy had simply forgotton about this part of his castle, or was he avoiding it?

Bam! Thud. The door to the dungeons shut and locked back into place and Arien yanked me behind a large statue of a bird as everyone else found their own hiding spots, tearing me from my thoughts.

There was a ruffling of skirts and the desperate mutter of goblin lingo along with the indifferent bark of Ukaor for the two love birds to hurry it up.

Jevin and Odael.

The End

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