Valour- Bravery at Last

"Hello? Anybody home?" I heard a scrambling, and then I saw an unfamilar face appear through the bars.

"Shush up you fool! Do you want to be discovered before you've even had a chance to rescue us?" The guy had some nerve to talk to me that way, especially since he was on the wrong side of the bars.

"Well, fine then, Mr. Ungrateful. I had the wrong cell anyway." I turned away, and I heard more scrambling, before more faces decided to make their debut in the very dim light.

"Wait! Don't go!" That was Lace's voice, no doubt.

"Valour, is that you?" Alexican seemed amazed at the fact.

"Why, yes, I guess it is me. Glad to see me too?" I asked, smugly.

She rolled her eyes- or I could only guess she did because it was hard to see in this kind of light.

"Valour, where did you head off to after that dragon appeared? And how'd you get here, without being locked up like the rest of us?" Rerin through in, a little confused.

"Well, once that dragon came, I didn't want to take all the glory, so I decided to let you guys have a go at the thing. And then, all of a sudden, I realized I was alone, and that you guys had disappeared, and obviously I had to find you. This here castle seemed a bit suspicious, and so I came here, and the rest, as they say, is history." I nodded my head. "But where's Jevin the old fool? I thought he'd be here with the rest of you?"

"We don't know. He seems to have vanished completely. I had hoped he had escaped." Arien stated. She seemed a little close to the new guy with the beard, which was a little strange as to the fact that she already had Rerin.

"Who's this new kid?" I nodded to Mr. Beardy, and he opened his mouth to argue, but Arien cut him off.

"My cousin, and yes, we are rescuing him."

"You mean, I'm rescuing him." I corrected.

"Does it really matter? Just get the keys and get us out of here already." Lace stated, getting a little antsy.

"Alright, alright. I'm on it." I looked around, feeling the stonewalls, hoping that the guard would be stupid enough to leave them hung on the wall.

A noise, heavy boots slapping stone, came nearer, and it seemed we were running out of time.

"Oi! Who's making noise down there?" In no time flat, I used my shape shifting skills and turned into a mouse, squeaking extra loud, in hopes of changing the subject.

The guard came closer, bringing his lantern with him. He shone it into the cell, taking the prisoners' faces. 

"We weren't talking. It was our stomach's. If you would just feed us more-" The guard cut Arien's cousin off.

"You and you're loud mouth! I'm not so sure it was such a good idea that the master kept you around for so long. He should of gotten rid of you ages ago, just like he had intended." The guard was vicious, out for blood. "At least we will be able to execute you now." He grinned maliciously, and opened up the cell door. "How does it feel to know that within a matter of minutes, you're life will be over?"

He grabbed that who was closest to him- Lace- and began to drag him out of the cell.

Unsure what else to do, I turned back into a human, grabbed the lantern that had been all but forgotten outside of the cell, and and hit the man over the head with it, and he went down, like a rock.

"Well that was easier done than said." I stated, looking at the unconscious man. I was absolutely beaming at this point. The others owed me their lives, and I was sure to remind them of the fact whenever the opportunity presented itself.

"Come on, let's get out of here before Valour explodes with happiness." Alexican added, and all of us shuffled out of the cell, trying to stay as quiet as possible.

I took the lead, glad that I had finally proven myself to the group. I was a true hero.

The End

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