Jevin--Change of Plans

"Satisfied?" I snarled, shoving the clingy gaurds off of me.

"Oh yes," Ukaor slowly turned from his window-view of the disaster, "Very."

"Where is she?" I demanded, wanting to get this over with so I could go and help them. I had planned to sneak ahead tonight and take care of the dragon myself, or at least distract it from the group, but I had miscalculated the timing of its arrival. That meant, despite earlier intentions,  we were all stuck in this trap together.

"Odael is in the dungeons," he droned, and, as if on command, three different gaurds attacked me. Two dug their grimy nails into my arms and the last one clutched my shoulder with one hand while yanking my head back by my hair with the other. Ukaor strode towards me, his robe gleaming in the dim light with every step.

"But you won't need to worry about her," he placed his rod under my chin, the cold shock that emitted from it ceasing my struggling.

"I have to say, Jevin, you surprised me. I didn't think you had it in you to keep up your end, and yet..." his voice trailed off as he frowned in thoughtfullness, "It seems you're finally picking up on my training afterall."

I felt disgusted. Disgusted with Ukaor, disgusted with the dragon's early arrival, disgusted with Odael's state, disgusted with myself. The anger that I had been trying to control over the past months finally broke past its barricades--throwing off Ukaor's enchanted chill. Yelling out, I tore from the men's grip and charged towards the warlock.

With reflexes I dind't know some his age could have, he whirled around, grabbed me by the scruff of my cloak, and slammed me hard against the wall, muttering some spell or other that made my entire body feel heavy and loose, like that of a ragdoll.

An explosive crash of shattering glass and a rumbling roar of a dragon was the last thing I heard before the world faded into blackness and I vaguely felt myself crumple to the floor.

The End

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