Lace: Searching

"He couldn't have gone far." Rerin Says to me.

"We should split we know he is in the direction, and meet back up where we left off in an hour. If one of us doesn't show up. Prepare for the worst." I say surprising myself for suddenly taking command.

"Alright. I'll go this way then." He says, and I nod in agreement before resuming searching for Jevin.

We had to hold ourselves together the group was collapsing without Odael at our head, and we cannot afford to lose one more person. It might be crazy for me to say this but something told me if we failed the consequences would leave the world beyond repair. Why did Valour have to do that?  Of all people I would think he would be the one who would want to prove themselves a true hero.  I snorted if he put aside his want to be a hero and just do the right thing at the right time he would be a hero, instead of being self centred, attention seeking twit he had just proved himself.

I jump over a few fallen logs, finding moss that had been scraped off the rocks, I could only guess Jevin came through here, although it was hard to say a why a ranger would leave such obvious tracks in the ground. I grabbed my the hilt of my blade looking at my blackened arm. No matter how many times I had cut my trying to drain the poison the wound healed themselves, and the pain became slightly more significant, but now the pain was gone. Maybe it wasn't poison after all. I stood there pondering for a moment when I heard the bush Russel and Rerin came barrelling through them.

"Are you okay." I asked as he got himself up.

"Just fine, I think I tripped over something. Any signs of Jevin?"

"Not really but I think he came through this way the moss has been disturbed." I say pointing out some tracks. He nods and we begin to follow them for sometime before coming across an opening in the trees, but only between the trees, the opening appeared to have a roof formed by branches and leaves. The tracks disappeared and there was no Jevin.

"Not good." I say looking around fiercely he could be anywhere now.

"We could see if he went back. There is no trials leading away from here, and there is a good chance he went back." Rerin suggested.

"Alright, we should be heading back anyways." I say hoping Jevin was alright as we headed back we caught up to him. He had sense of calm and connectedness about him.

"Jevin are you okay?" Rerin and I ask simultaneously.

He turns around opening his mouth when a  loud roar shakes the forest and blows a few trees over. I found the my sword in hand quickly as large crashing noises came towards us then we saw it, a full sized dragon.

The End

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