I swore bitterly under my breath-stupid Valour. Why did he have to ruin everything-even when everything was ruinous already? Could he ever help?

 "What were you thinking, Valour," I muttered, still not looking at him. My voice was incredibly chilly despite my high-flairing anger. His childish behaviour infuriated me. Now we were all separate. This could not be good.

 He didn't answer, like a defiant, yet ashamed child, still. I turned my eyes on him, and he flicked his own away, as if to refuse to acknowledge his wrongs. Alexican still remained silent. "What happened to the 'hero', Valour?" I continued stonily. "Odael's life is in danger. We are all in danger. Would you ever think of anyone other than yourself?"

 Valour snapped back to look at me, his jaw clenched and eyes fiery. Our eyes locked for a moment, holding one another's gaze. Finally he turned away, murmuring, "I'm sorry-geesh. You don't have to jump down my throat about it."

I didn't say anything, despite his words. We didn't need another fight.


The End

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