Valour - Up and At 'Em

After a most peaceful night, I was the first one up- well almost. Besides Jevin, who seemed to have stayed up all night, I was the second one up, rearing and ready to go.

"Feeling better?" Jevin asked, half-way sarcastically. I had gone into the wood to find breakfast, and came back with an arm-full of berries and other wild, edible plants. 

"I think that healing spell really worked! I feel like a kid again!" I bragged, dropping the food and picking up some sticks to build a fire.The others stirred, slowly awaking to the aromas of my delicious cooking skills.

Needless to say, Jevin wasn't very talkative, and I think those two words were about the most any of us could get out of him.

Breakfast went silently between me and Jevin; everyone else seemed to be in teaming up; I saw a few shared glances between Rerin and Arien, and even Alexican and Lace seemed to be in cahoots.

I felt left out- something that never was in the Valour world. I mean, they were suppose to pay attention to me, not leave me out. And so I became grumpy, and as the day wore on, and as we traveled ever so near to Ukaor's lair, I became less and less in a "rescuing" kind of mood.

Eventually I withered out, placing myself on top of a fallen log and daring anyone to just try and move me.

"It's only mid-day, Valour. I'm sure we can get a few more travel hours in." Arien argued reasonably, looking mildly worried.

"I don't wanna." I stated simply, like a five year-old. Sure I was being immature, but I'd eventually get my way.

"Odael is in danger. We can't afford to stop." Rerin cut in, gently reminding me of our daunting task that laid ahead.

"Besides... This will be you one chance to shine, and become a 'hero' to her." Alexican appealed.

"She can save herself." I laid down, closing my eyes and put on my best uncaring face.

"Listen, Valour. We are not wasting anymore time. You either come with us now, or we leave you behind." Jevin, who had been quiet up until that point, grabbed me by a fistful of my shirt, and lifted me up.

So the guy had goblin blood in him after all. His quick temper seemed to make an appearance against me, finally. After all this time of teasing him, and putting out the bait, I was more surprised and humored by the sudden outburst, then angered.

"Jevin!" Arien cried out, a little more than upset by the statement. "We are leaving no one behind."

"Odael is in danger- we can't waste anymore time on this buffoon!" I could tell Jevin's anger was rising, yet did nothing to stop the situation.

"We need all of us. We don't stand a chance against Ukaor if we stand divided." Alexican looked to Lace for help, and he nodded.

"Jevin, don't do anything you might regret." Lace stepped up, hoping to get me out of Jevin's gravity-defying grasp. Rerin stepped forward too, ready to take Jevin down if needed.

Jevin looked around at all of their faces- making sure to skip over my gaze. I could tell their expressions changed something in him, calming his temper. "I- I can't do this." Jevin let go, forcing me to fall to the ground, with a loud thump.

He took off running, in a wild direction.

The other four called after him, especially Arien and Alexican, calling until their voices were hoarse.

Rerin and Lace immediately took off after the guy, trying to find him.

The girls stayed behind with me, averting their gaze away from my face as much as possible. I grimaced, knowing somehow, deep within, this was all my fault.


The End

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