Rerin -- On Watch

Arien retired to bed leaving me to my exhilerated thoughts. I chuckled to myself, if I ever had a purpose of going on this journey it had long since changed; ever since I laid eyes on her. The thought suddenly brought a twinge of sympathy for Jevin; for if Arien had suddenly disappeared, I don't know what I'd do.

I heard him shift in his pretend sleep from the left of me. I didn't have to to look over to know he wasn't slumbering, just that restless fire I had seen in his eyes earlier let me in on that. Ironic that everytime we really needed the sleep, no one every could. No one, I smirked, but Valour. If his sword couldn't scare away all those dragons he bragged of, I was sure his snoring could.

With a weary sigh, I rubbed the drowsiness from my eyes , pushed the thought of sleep from my mind, and continued to stare out into the night. It glared back, daring me to leave my friends in its dark grasp, but I held my ground...for awhile. Slowly my eyelids began to droop and my head began to nod...

Suddenlythe muttering of Lace and Alexican alarmed me enough to shake it off and I turned my head to see their sillouhettes against the night.

"Go to bed," I whispered, interupting their conversation, "You need the sleep."

Reluctantly I saw them climb back into their makeshift beds, though whether they actually went to sleep or not I couldn't tell.

"Rerin, I'll take over"

I turned back to see Jevin, "Are you sure? You haven't slept at all."

"Don't worry about me," came the stern reply, "Just get some rest."

I stood up; it was too good of an offer to pass up--I was exhausted. But curiosity held me there a few minutes more, "How do you know where Odael is?"

He shrugged, "clues. Just what I always use."

"So was she kidnapped then?"

"...most likely."

"Is it really Ukaor who took her?"

"Rerin, go to sleep."

"I'm just curious; I need to know what to expect tommorrow."

Jevin sighed and I could tell he was holding something back; my true reason for asking the question, "My guess on what to expect is as good as yours."

I wasn't satisfied at all with that answer, but by the glare he shot me I decided it would have to suffice.

Arien's question echoed around my head as I stumbled towards my meager sleeping things: Do you think it's a trap? I glanced over my shoulder once more at this mysterious ranger, now muttering something to himself in his native goblin, and I couldn't help but really wonder...

The End

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