Night had begun to fall. My insistence on making camp was great-what, were we to arrive, wounded and exhausted, to fight Ukaor? I understood Jevin's drive to continue onwards-I was worried of Odael and her safetly extraordinarily-though we could not risk it.

With few words, everybody found their places for the night. Rerin offered the first watch, and as all else drifted off to an uneasy sleep, I could not close my eyes despite being very tired myself from they day's hard journey. Sighing, I pushed myself up and quietly went to sit at Rerin's side. "Do you mind if I keep you company?" I whispered.

"Not in the least," he replied. "Cannot sleep?"

"No," I shook my head. Silence fell between us. "Do you think Odael will be alright?"

"If we can help it, yes." Rerin half smiled.

I swallowed. " think it's all a trap?"

He frowned, "We cannot just leave her."

"I know!" I answered, exasperated. I sighed, "I'm just....worried. We should be prepared."

Rerin carefully put his arm around me, and I rested my head against his shoulder. I don't know how long we sat like that, but I began to fall asleep in his embrace, he gently running his hand over my hair. I

"Who are you, Rerin?" I inquired after a while.


I pulled away slightly, looking into his face, "Why are you here? I never figured that one out. Everyone seems to have a reason. What is yours?"

"I'm not sure," He paused, knowing that answer was not sufficient. "I think....Ukaor murdered my tutor. By his death, it has broken promised made, pacts formed, and thus the path of my life. Ukaor should feel some...punishment for what was done unto me and others."

"I'm sorry," I murmured. Rerin smiled sadly, tucking a loose hair behind my ear. Almost shyly, he leaned into me, bending towards my face. I closed my eyes, reaching up to trace my lips against his. For a moment, I forgot all about everything-about Ukaor, about the danger, about Dedril, who was the reason which guided me on this mission. I wished to stay in this moment for an eternity.

We gently pulled away from one another, my lashes fluttering open to look at him. "Everything will be alright, Arien," Rerin said quietly.

"We'll see," I stood, and returned to my blankets, laying down in them. Frantic dreams took over my mind, wild emotions of Rerin mixing with those of fear. The woman beside her dead lover flashed before my eyes, followed by the image of the strange man from my dream earlier, to Dedril, to Ukaor, to Rerin and the kiss, and the future-seeing woman in the bakery when I had first arrived in the captail what seemed so long ago. I saw the death of all of us.

The End

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