Lace: Catastrophe

Calming this was near pointless, people where either running around like chickens with there heads cut off, or the distraught one despairing over the dead. However I did my best to help all of them.  Each moment we used was another moment the flames grew consuming everything.  I got one last group of injured out to safety before I ran in to Jevin.

"Lace , I can't find Odael, we should regroup, and see if anyone else has found her, or perhaps have an idea where she could be!" He ordered sternly taking command almost, I did as I was told I don't think we could save any more people in that fire. It didn't take long to find Arien who was slowly choking. I helped her out turning fairly red seeing her in an under dress.

"You alright." I ask quickly looking for signs of the others.

She nodded before she explained to me there was a injured man, women , and body out of danger at the moment.

"They can wait for now, Jevin needs help finding where Odael. No one knows where she ran off to. So far." Her face paled with fear for a moment,"What is it?"I ask.

"I think I saw Uakor, whether it not it was an illusion or not though still has me thinking of the worst." She reply's.

"Well if that's the case then we'll have to live with but for now lets find Alexican." I reply, keeping my mind on my current objective, there was nothing I could do currently for Odael if she was in Uakor's hands. We walked onwards through the fire doing our best to not get caught on fire and not find any tripping hazards. Still walking through thick choking smoke we still didn't find Alexican.

"Alexican!" I shout in hopes she would respond. No response, I began to get worried. A few minutes later Arien shouted at me she had found her, relief washed through my body good, didn't lose anymore team members today. I walked through the fire towards Arien's voice when a large piece of lumbers crashes down on my shoulder, bringing me to the ground. I hold the pain  ripping the lumber off my arm, then trying to shake the fire off of it.

"Ah!" I shout as it flames burn through the clothing on my arm, and dispersing leaving my arm burtn't and charred in someplace and the black poison spreading cover the lower part of my arm.

"Are you alright?" One of the girls shout through the flames.

"I'm fine, but I can't get you anymore, a large burning piece of lumber in the way!" I explain quickly.

"Don't worry we'll meet you back where Jevin is." I hear Alexican say.

"Alright. Be careful." I say still feeling an odd presence inside the flames waiting for an opportune moment to attack. I reach for the hilt of my sword but quickly realizing it was still in the lodgings. How can I forget it twice?

The End

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