Alexican - Not so afraid of the crowd now

I glanced around trying to decide where to start first in trying to help people. The three of us, who were to help the people had split up. There were people scattered everywhere, some alright who just seemed panic and unsure where to go. It was easy to quickly direct those shell shocked people towards a doorway and usher them out. I then focussed on some of the others, the ones scattered on the floor or bent over those on the floor. It was hard to believe that I had been so frightened of being around these same people earlier, now my thoughts were set on saving them. 

There were flames to my left, high flames and for a moment my mind flashed back to my constant nightmare. Yet from beyond the flames I could hear the sound of people calling for help. Gritting my teeth, and knowing that while it will hurt the pain would only last a little while before the skin began to reknit I stepped into the flames and quickly through to the other side. 

There were quite a few people here, maybe 10 in all. They seemed to startle when I appeared through the flames.

"Are you one of them?" one asked, pointing to a cloak lying not far away. "Are you demon too?"

"I'm human," I replied, then at their frowns added "Magic. But Im here to help you."

"Can you put out the flames?" another asked, indicating the fire. There was no way I'd be able to take these people through those flames without them suffering serious burns. But the flames were approaching closer. 

I glanced around the corner we were in, looking for any way out. Suddenly my eyes lighted on a window. It was high up, higher than any of these people could reach which would be why they had not considered it. And I'm not sure I could even need it. I'd need someway to reach that high and then someway to get the people up there.

I was just mulling quickly on that thought when I realized the window was now just above my head. Glancing down I noticed it hadn't moved, I had. I gave a small cry and began to fall back towards the ground.

Hitting the ground, to the surprise of all those around me I glanced back at the flames. They were even closer, it seemed we had little time. 

Quickly trying to accept that this, this floating or whatever it was was just another way I was different, and a less frightening way to be different than my self healing, I tried to focus on going up. I could feel my feet lift the ground. It was hard to maintain a straight float up, but somehow I managed to and soon I was at the window. It seemed that the window height was about as high as I could go, but that didn't matter since it was as high as I wanted to go. 

I quickly used one of my daggers to smash out the window, removing the shards of glass as quickly as possible, before floating back down. I then realized a small problem. I could get the people up there, but it was quite a drop to the other side. Someone needed to go first to brave the jump and help catch the others.

"I'll do it," one of them voiced, a seemingly strong man.

Once he was up and through it was only minutes before I had managed to lift the others out. It was a tight squeeze for some, but soon all ten were through. I made a note to think about this new strange, magical it seemed, ability later but right now there might be more people around. 

Turning around to the flames I was shocked to suddenly see an old man standing there. I was sure I had got everyone out. Then I noticed his eyes, eyes so like my own, and I flashed back to my nightmare from so long ago. The wall of flames, those eyes. The rest looked older, but it seemed to be the same person.

I wasn't the only one who seemed to be struggling with shock. The man, Ukaor it seemed, stared at me. "You... your supposed to be dead."

However the voice of of Lace, shouting out my name interrupted me from any further comment. Ukaor glanced around. "Never mind it seems my individual tormenting of your party is done for now. Keep coming after me and I'll ensure whatever mistake I made back then is made right," he said threateningly, before disappearing like smoke. 

It was all too much like my nightmare. Somehow I managed to stagger in shock through the flames again, before sitting on the other side, completely stunned. 

It was Arien who found me, noticing what I had not, that fire was licking at my dress. "She's here Lace," she called to behind her, before turning to me. "Come we have to help Jevin, we've done all we can for these people," 

Suddenly she seemed to notice my shock. "Alexican, are you alright?"

I glanced up at her, and noticed she gave a little startle at my eyes, eyes so like his. "You saw him too?" I asked, aware that she had never startled from my eyes before.

"Who do you mean?" Arien asked, though she seemed to know.

"I think.... I think... the ... Ukaor" I got out, unable to stay the words that seemed to be echoing in my mind. 

The End

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