Rerin -- An Eventful Night

"Well, good night then," she said with a flourish, planting a quick kiss on my cheek and running off. My face flushed and I slowly reached up to rub the sacred spot. Finally convincing myself that, no, I wasn't dreaming, a grin spread its way across my face--one I was sure I wouldn't be able to wipe of for awhile. I had waited this whole time to dance with her, and, simple as the reward was, it had paid off tremendously.

I finally made my way towards the group to see Jevin holding a smouldering cloak.
"What's that?"
"What's left of Lace's attacker," he replied, "I'm not entirely sure what it was, but I'm assuming it worked for Ukaor. We must be getting closer in order for him to be this concerned." His somber mood slightly lifted and the hint of a smile formed on his lips as he turned to Lace, "Well done."
Lace nodded, rubbing what looked like a nasty scar. Jevin seemed to notice it too and his brow furrowed, "You might want to take care of that. Do you know how to drain poison?"

"Then I suggest you do that as soon as you get the chance."

I glanced over at Arien and she quickly averted her eyes with a blush, I smiled and did the same. Trying to act casual about it, I looked around the rest of the group and noticed something.                                                                                                             "Where's Odael?"
"And Valour?" Alexican added.
"Still dancing," Jevin sneered, nodding towards the ring of lights and lively music.
Suddenly, the instruments cut off, there was a bit of loud voices--one of which I recognized as Valour's--and then the whole place suddenly burst into flames.

We gasped in horror and without another word, tore off towards our two companions.


"Odael!" Jevin hollared over the chaos and I could tell he was already feeling guilty for leaving her with that duke.

"Valour," I gasped, seeing his lifeless form sprawled out on the cobbles a few feet away. Surprisingly enough, Jevin abondoned his search and joined us at his side, already fingering his various vials and satchels that seemed unfailingly filled with healing components.

"Is he dead?" Alexican whispered.

Lace shook his limp shoulder and shrugged. I heard Arien whimper and instinctively wrapped a protective arm around her while at the same time racking my brain for the right type of healing spell.

One finally came to mind and I slowly left Arien to kneel next to him on the opposite side of Jevin. Closing my eyes, I gently squoze his forearm and muttered the words under my breath. I felt him stir and opened my eyes again in time for Jevin to clap me gratefully on the shoulder.

"Um guys," Alexican stammered, "Shouldn't we help these people?"

"Yes," Jevin agreed, "You, Arien, and Lace try to calm things down. Rerin," he turned back to me, "You think you can handle Valour?"
"Of course," I replied, already scooping his dead-weight into my arms, "And you'll find Odael?"
He faintly smiled at my perception and nodded.

The End

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