Arien-Of Dancing and Other Things....

I felt slightly dizzied as the strange young man bowed with a flourish, disappearing into the crowd of people after he had twirled me around in the midst of all the dancers. He left me with the unusal feeling that I had seen his expression before, as if from some sort of half-forgotten dream....

 Thoughtful, I fiddled with the ring on my finger. I felt somewhat out of place in the gown that the Duke had provided, my hair done up and my skin, white and clean. Many gazed to my silvery eyes as they passed, full of something of curiousity, but I did not mind it, watching over the room. Merry music filled my head, laughter and content chatter mixing with it. With a pang of sadness, it all brought back the memories of my home and people, their parties not so extravagent though the music, dancing, and good-feelings brought back the gatherings made around the great bonfire, pillars of tents around us and the stars as our ceiling, I surrounded by my motherly aunt and Dedril, like a brother to me....

Rerin brought me from my thoughts as he stepped before me, his hair groomed and face clean shaven. I made a make-shift curtsy, and in reply he bowed slightly, holding out his hand. " mind to dance with me?" he asked, hesitating, with a slight fear flickering in his eye. Did he fear I would refuse him?

"Yes," I smiled, placing my own hand in his and allowing him to guide me out onto the floor. He allowed himself a half-grin, seemingly partial unsure of were to place his hands. Once about my waist, he reddened somewhat, some anxiety upon his expression. With another smile, Rerin relaxed as we danced, he very concious of where he placed his feet and not to step on my own toes.

As we finished, he offered another dance. Though I laughed; my head was starting to ache slightly. Rerin appeared insistant at staying at my side and offered to take a stroll where it was quieter. He took my arm, and we headed off from the crowds, the music and noise fading slightly as we walked through the Duke's well mantained grounds, silent and empty. 

"Better?" Rerin said after a moment. 

I nodded, smiling. It was a while we wandered without many words in one another's comfortable company, the murmur of the party sounding like a happy, faded memory of the past.  The sky was begining to darken, shadows threatening to swallow us. "It is getting late. I should probably retire," I murmured, turning towards him.  "Thank you for your company."

"No, thank you," replied Rerin, as if not knowing what else to say.

There was an awkward pause, and I briskly said, "Well, good-night then." Swallowing, I stepped forward, planting a brief kiss on his cheek before slipping off towards the grand building one more. Though the gesture small, my heart raced, flustered, and I wondered at my action and it's appropriatness, and how I would confront him the next morning without feeling so awkward.

Hurrying toward my chambers, I ran across the gathering of Jevin, Alexican, and Lace, looking anxious and thoughtful, as if something was wrong. "What is going on?" I inquired worriedly. What now?  

The End

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