Lace: Vulnerable

I did not like being out of my armour one bit, let alone many people quite eager to socialize.  Jevin and I stayed out of the proximity of the crowd were I hid my unease quite well. All I really wanted was some solitude, and a place where I can think,and to escape from this crowd unnoticed would also force me to make Jevin ask a young lady to a dance.

"I'll do it if you will do it." I smile

"Fine." He chuckles, not bothering to look back to see if I was holding up my side of the bargain, and so I leave, back to the quarters I was given, to retrieve my armour. Ignoring the few girls who asked me for a dance which I returned with sorry but I must attend something. I walk up a flight of stairs to overlook the crowd, one thing caught my eye. The Duke, something about him didn't seem right, a feeling of heaviness drops over me, as he turns his eyes locking with mine only a moment, when he turns back to Odael the heaviness stops. Was it just me? Or was something wrong here? I turned away quickly running to my quarters, getting my gear. Quite a distance from the crowd I was stopped by a pair of guards, insisting I make way back to the celebration.

"Look I just forgot something! I will be in and out I swear." I say a little irritated.

"Sorry we cannot permit an entrance right now."


" A matter of business that does not involve you."

"It does when I can't get to my possessions. I don't are if I'm escorted or not just let me through." I say growing tired of this, but a wave of suspicion rising through me, something was not right.

"We can't let you in, and if you are to insist upon entering you will forcefully removed." The guards reply, and I back off knowing if I started something it would look, really bad. Instead of returning to the celebration however I ventured into the town observing the emptiness of everything, the only thing that seem to take any space was the shadows which I carefully watched feeling as vulnerable as myself. It struck me as unusual there wasn't a soul around even if there was a celebration. It was good however not to be under the watch of many eyes, allowing me to think about everything mostly about what was I, which also involved me staring at my hand. A shadow comes across my body in my thought bringing me to all of my senses and rolling onto the ground, turning left to see a cloaked figure, with two deadly sharp daggers in hand.  I raise my fists with the feeling of vulnerability growing ever so larger in my stomach. The figure swings one of the dagger viciously at me, I duck under, and try punching whatever it was under the cloak only receiving a quick slice down my arm, I wince jumping back.

He or she was quite skilled and the cut had more or less neutralized my right arm, only if I knew an actual spell instead of just manipulating magic. I walk far from the reach of him or her. I needed a strategy of some sort, and I needed to be fast, or else I will lose my life. I look around me looking for something to throw, or even a stick would be fine. The figure edged closer in my desperation.  I trip on the very thing I was looking for, a small stick that was just a few inches longer than those razor sharp daggers, I grab it and somersault away from the cloaked thing, missing a fury of those deadly blades. It wasn't much of an advantage but when I got the right opening I would be able to inflict a form of damage. The figure throws the dagger at which I quickly deflect with the stick that broke under the impact of the blade but saving me from a lethal attack, I switch weapons, feeling I had the advantage now,  I strike back grabbing the figures hand that still had a dagger and slicing his tendon on his other arm before throwing it to the ground. The cloak deflate as smoke poured out of the cut and other parts of the cloak.

" A spell?" I ask watching the dagger crumble to Ash's.  My cut began to burn as it sealed up leaving a black scar, at least I had some proof of the odd scenario I grab the cloak and run back to celebration, the scar burning like hell, it was obvious those blades were poisoned, its better than paralysis though, by a long shot. I reached the loud noises of the celebration again.

"Lace there you are!" I hear Jevin call and seeing his pale face coming towards me with Alexican in tow, " Will you dance with Alexican?" He asks as she stands beside him.

" We need to get the others, I was attacked by something." I say showing them the black scar that had covered most of the fless under my forearms. He looks towards Odael who looked preoccupied.

"When this is over, might be a better time." They both say around the same time.

"Alright, take this." I say handing him the cloak, its what whatever it was, was wearing before it became smoke. Jevin looked at with suspicious eyes, I couldn't discern anything else from him. I walk out into the crowd with Alexican, unsure what to do, and she looked hugely nervous. 

"Do you just want to leave? I'm not fond of the noise and.." Someone bumped into me throwing me way off," Idiots." I finish plainly , and she nodded. When we returned to the lodging the strange guards where gone leaving the entrance of the lodgings empty with plenty of seats. We sat down across from each other hardly sharing a word. I began staring at the black burning scar wondering whether or not I cut it open, and try to drain the poison or wait.

"Do you remember anymore of your past?" She suddenly asked.

"No not more than I was soldier, and a strange evil deity may have changed me, not sure whether I had a family or even if those memories are even real." I answer simply, bringing my attention away from my arm, " I guess you're still wondering about your own origins."

"Yes, but it still hard to think I could be related to such a person."

"Yes I guess it would be,but in anyone there is always a hidden kindness, it may sound crazy but maybe Uakor is a truly loving person, and his motives for doing evil may seem right by him for crimes that may have been committed in his own past."

The End

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