Scene I

Seito lay sprawled out on the sofa lazily, a bag of popcorn seated on his lap.

“Ugh, look at all this mess!” Damon exclaimed as he came into the room and looked at the clutter cloistered around his boyfriend “Seito, have you seen my jeans?”

“Nope, but I’d rather see you without them,” Seito smirked at Damon in his oversized top “You look so adorable in that, makes you look like my little girlfriend.”

“I’m not your little girlfriend, I’m your annoyed boyfriend,” Damon scowled as he ran a hand through his tussled hair “Ugh, help me clean up your mess.”

Seito rolled his eyes as Damon began picking up the rubbish around him.

“You’re better than any girl that ever existed anyway,” he sighed.

“You’ve probably said that to all the boys you’ve slept with,” Damon muttered.

“I have and he’s my boyfriend.”

“Oh how sweet and charming, nothing unusual about that.”

Seito smiled as he grabbed Damon and kissed him on the lips sweetly.  Damon scowled again as he pulled away and went to the next room to bin all the rubbish in his hands.

“Stupid Seito,” he muttered as he came back in “Such a slob but I still put up with him.”

“And I love you for it,” Seito smiled and blew a kiss to the younger male.

“Oh do shut up,” Damon sneered.

“Hey, Doctor Who is coming on, want to watch together?”

“No, I need to read through my script.”

“Aw, please?”

“No, besides you’ll find a way to get into my pants like an hour ago.”

“But you’re not wearing any pants,” Seito flashed a sexy smirk at him whilst eyeing his bare legs.

“It’s a metaphor and you know it so don’t flash that look at me!” Damon seethed.

“Hmm, you’re awfully wound up for someone who recently got screwed into the mattress,” Seito sighed as he looked back at the TV.

“Because there’s no quince jelly left in the fridge and I have a craving for it!”

“A craving?  I haven’t gotten you knocked up, have I?”

“You’re being too intolerable to cope with at this time in the evening!” Damon snarled as he launched a slipper at his boyfriend’s head.

Seito ducked to avoid the assault.

“For someone who claims and actually is a male, you sure act like a cranky female when her period comes around,” he commented as he popped a piece of popcorn into his mouth.

“Just watch your flipping Doctor Who,” Damon sneered as he marched off, snatching the play A Picnic in a Pail from the end table as he passed by.

Seito glanced over his shoulder at him and smiled.


“What?!” Damon snarled as he poked his head in with a fierce glower at Seito.

“I love you, babe.”

Damon hesitated with a bright blush before slamming the door to the living room shut.  Seito chuckled as Doctor Who began playing and settled himself down into the sofa, munching happily on his popcorn.

The End

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