Christina: Perfect Forever?Mature

I admit even now that I was wrong about the whole Rhea situation and came to the firm conclusion that Rhea's parents really did just want to help the less fortunate. I had feared that being in such close proximity to Rhea might have made him develop 'feelings' for Rhea but that never happened .... or not that I knew.

The Parker family had gotten yet another extention to their house and soon after had invited me to move in. I was a little taken aback at first, mainly because i would be moving from a house with two other occupants to a house with 6 other people - Rhea and her mother amoung them. 

However a small bond of friendship seemed to be blossoming between myself and Rhea as time went on and after a few weeks of consideraton, coupled with Tom hounding me for an answer I finally conceeded and agreed to move in - it wouldnt be that bad living with Rhea, i mean I would have Tom to keep me company.

Isobel and Elijah were soon considered the cutest couple in the school and lucky for me the other girls didnt fawn over Tom anymore now they knew that he would stick by me through thick and thin so it wasnt a classed as a 'big deal' that Tom had a girlfriend.

All in all my life so far was going perfectly .... but does anything stay perfect forever?

Well we'll have to wait and see.

The End

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