Tom: An End, A BeginningMature

I turn the corner with Aaliyah close behind me.

"Are you guys okay?" Aaliyah yells, just as I push open the door to their room.

Mom and dad are just standing there, arms folded, with a small grin on their face. What the heck?

"We heard something break," I say quietly, looking around for some sign of broken glass.

Dad says, "Oh, Tom, Aaliyah, we hadn't told you yet."

Mom piped up. "Yes, yes. Isn't it exciting?"

Aaliyah and I exchange looks. "What are you talking about?" we say in unison, me sounding slightly more confused.

Dad sighs and walks over to his bed. "See, Chrissy saved you, Aaliyah, and that's a miracle. There's no woman on Earth that could possibly run that fast without some help. But yet she did. It was a miracle, to say the least."

I stare blankly at them for a moment.

"My point is, God had something to do with it. And it reminded me that we haven't been going to church lately. We've kind of pushed God aside and made him second - maybe even third - in our lives. That's changing now."

I nod, smiling to myself. It's official, God's awesome. "Well, what does that have to do with the breaking glass?"

"Oh, well, your mom accidentally dropped this piece of glass while we were trying to move our stuff into a different room," Dad says with a shrug.

I frown. "Wait - what?"

"See, Tom, your mom and I decided we're some of the luckiest people in the world. Thus, I want to give something back. A charity, sort of. But you know how I don't trust those."

Aaliyah rolls her eyes and folds her arms. "Oh yes."

Dad smiles. "Well, we're building a few new rooms. And we plan on letting poor people - not homeless people, mind you - but poorer people stay here for a small, small fee."

"THAT'S CRAZY!" Aaliyah exclaimed. "What if they tear up the house?"

"That's all part of the rules, Aaliyah. They can't stay here unless they sign an agreement. If they did tear up the house then they would not only go to jail, but have to pay a large fee. But that's beside the point. The real great thing about this is, we're only selecting people that we know personally."

My eyes widen.


"I have just the girl for you!" I yell, dashing downstairs.

And oohhhh, what a brilliant idea it is.


Well, everything's working out now. Chrissy's going to recover without any permanent injuries, Rhea gets a new home for her and her mother, and her mom will get special care thanks to my dad and mom throwing in a few more thousand dollars. So it seems as though all is well. As long as I don't mess it up again. I hope I don't. I'm going to try really hard to stay close to God, and make choices only if they are in everyone's best interest.

At the moment, I'm driving to see Chrissy at the hospital. It'll be good to see her again.

Hey! Is that Isobel?

I stop my car along the side of the road.

Why is she walking out here at night?

"Need a ride?" I say as I roll down the window.

'Sure,' she accepts with contempt dancing on her tongue.

"What!?" she exclaims, practically shooting me in the face with her glare.

"All I'm trying to say is, that's not true. I'm a guy with flaws." I pause and remember what I've done in the past. "A lot of flaws. Some girls are just really shallow and like me because - well, I suppose I'm good looking. Other girls, though, who aren't so shallow, like you, hate me because the only way I get girls is...that way. You know what I'm saying?"

"So you don't feel high and mighty?" she asks, obviously not buying it.

"No, I don't. I swear."

She sighs as I park the car in the hospital parking lot. "Okay."

We exit the car and walk into the hospital without another spoken word.

The End

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