Christina: An Inch From DeathMature

Tom Parker had kissed me, my whole body tingled as he pressed his lips firmly against mine and I wrapped my arms around his neck – not wanting the kiss to end. I had dreamed of this moment ever since I had clapped eyes on him in year seven, but never in my wildest dreams did I ever think it would become reality. As our lips parted, I gazed lovingly into his eyes and a part of got the feeling that I had stared into his eyes before, even though I knew I hadn’t – I had never been this close to Tom before.

My heart was beating so fast I was afraid that it was going to burst out from my chest; I could feel his warm breath on my face as he stared into my eyes with all the love he could muster. Then all of a sudden a teacher rounded the corner and had to go and spoil the moment,

"Mr. Parker!" the teacher shouts angrily making us jump apart. The teacher marched over to Tom and grabbed his shoulder. "You're coming with me!"

Tom smiled lightly at me his eyes clearly saying “it was worth the risk of getting caught.” The teacher started to drag Tom away and Tom called back down the corridor, “I’ll call you.”

I nodded then after a few seconds realisation hits me, "Oh! But you don't have my number!"

"I have it memorized,” he calls back as the teacher tightens his grip on Tom and started yanking him down the corridor away from me.

I frowned, "But---how?"

"That doesn't matter, Chrissy." Tom pushes the teacher's hand away from him and walks towards me again. "All that matters now is this: I love you. You won't be able to understand this. And I don't know if I'll ever be able to explain it. But I love you. I truly do, Chrissy. I love you, and not anyone else. Understand?"

I nodded, slightly confused and yet amazed at his little speech, had I really made that much of an impression on a boy who has hardly spoken to me? "I may just love you too, Tom Parker." I murmur back giving him a slight smile which he returns before the teacher grabs hold of Tom and drags him away from me.

It was several days later until I saw Tom again, he was sitting alone at a table in the corner and once I got my food I made a beeline for his table. “Is anyone sitting there?” I asked nervously, I could feel butterflies fluttering deep in the pit of my stomach and my heart pounding ten to the dozen.

“No it’s not taken” he said giving me a warm smile which I returned, slipping into the seat. “So…” I said breaking the awkward silence, “I haven’t seen you around school for a few days, where have you been” I asked, trying to act casual.

“Me and my family had a little trip down south to look at this school and while we were down we visited our grandparents” he said, making eye contact with me for the first time in ages. I must have looked shocked because he quickly asked me what was wrong, “You’re moving schools?” I asked, my heart sinking.

“Oh no … well I’m not, Aaliyah is, she’s got a place in a dance academy down south, she going to live with our grandparents so she can go” he said reassuringly clasping my hands in his and kissing them and making my whole body tingle.

We sat and chatted for the rest of lunch, laughing and giggling at each other until the school bell indicating the end of lunch rang. I stood up from the table and made to leave but Tom clasped hold of one of my hands. “I’m just wondering whether you want to come to my house after school?  He asked, shuffling his feet nervously.

I nodded, “I’d love to, I’ll come round about 6” I said a smile creeping onto my face. He stooped down and kissed me tenderly before heading off in the other direction towards his lesson.


"You're a really sweet guy, you know that?" I said smiling up at Tom, who wrapped his arm lovingly around me pulling me closer. He smiled down at me and we were silent for a minute sitting in porch at Tom’s house, watching Aaliyah dancing gracefully up and down the driveway. Twisting and spinning, kicking up the water that had formed puddles, on the driveway, I sighed, “I wish I could dance like her, my life is so boring sometimes.”

"You certainly aren't boring," he said kissing my forehead.

"Is that a compliment?"  I asked a flirtatious edge to my voice.

"Well, yes, I believe so." He agreed, his eyes shifting back to Aaliyah, who was still dancing elegantly in the quiet road.

"You're too cute." I giggled, "Is that a compliment?” he asked jokingly.

"Okay, now you're just being bratty," I said with a laugh.

"Tell me a little more about yourself. I don't know that much." Tom asked suddenly, distracting me from Aaliyah who was still happily dancing away, splashing through puddles, not a care in the world.

"Well," I began cheerfully. "I like animals. A lot of different kinds of animals---"

"Which one is your favorite?" Tom cut in.

“Patience," I scolded playfully.

"My favorite animal is a---" I began then stopped, catching sight of a car which was hurtling down the road and Aaliyah hadn’t seen it, she was still dancing. I jumped to my feet and ran towards the road.

“Aaliyah, watch out!” I shouted, launching myself towards Aaliyah and knocking her out of the road just in time. I was sent hurtling through the air as the car hit me instead of Aaliyah and I crashed to the ground with a sickening thud.

The last thing I remembered before my vision was shrouded by darkness was the muffled crys of Tom and Aaliyah shouting my name and a hand shaking my shoulder.


“She’s waking up” a male voice said and I could hear other voices, muffled at first but growing louder and louder.

The relieved faces of all my friends blurred into focus as my eyes adjusted to the light, “Take it easy Chrissy, You’re in hospital” Tom said clasping my shoulders to stop me sitting up too fast.

“You gave us all quite a scare”

The End

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